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What do we know about essential oils? Application and choice.

In the previous article we found out that only natural essential oil possesses useful impact on a human body. Influence is carried out on three channels: psychoemotional influence, therapeutic and molecular.

The smell of essential oils can be pleasant to us or not be pleasant. Depending on it we perceive it with pleasure (ah what fine aroma!) or irritation (what stinks here?) . The therapeutic effect consists in treatment of nervous excitability and respiratory diseases. Oil molecules, getting into an organism in the different ways, for example, through skin at massage, intensify biochemical processes, influencing work of internals and a metabolism.

In general it turns out that influence of oils is not limited to one aromatherapy. Efficiency of their application does not raise doubts. But concrete influence of essential oils on bodies and systems of the person is not studied and not described, and therefore remains, generally in sight of nonconventional medicine.

House application rather simple. It is possible to use oils as spirits. And not necessarily some one, mixes are quite admissible. The main thing that the turned-out smell was pleasant.

But to you it is not necessary to go to far. In total - it is necessary to remember that essential oil possesses medicinal action. Its influence including carrying aromakulon, it is better to limit in time several hours a day. And after several weeks it is more essential to take a break, for about ten days.

At colds aromalampa are effective. For relaxation it is possible to take a heat bath with several drops of oil. And against sleeplessness and a stress the napkin with a droplet of essential oil under a pillow will help.

Do not forget only that has the right to contact to skin only the diluted essential oil. In the concentrated look it is allowed to use only oils of a lavender and a tea tree.

You should not combine impact on skin of cosmetic creams and essential oils. Perhaps you also reach a positive effect, but can happen and so that the effect will be opposite expected. Do not risk.

As well as any natural product, essential oils lose the properties over time. Usually the term of their validity till three years, but oils of a citrus it is possible to store no more than a year. However, is and happy exceptions. So-called cult oils, for example, lavender, santalaceous or Myrrha`s oil it is possible to store very long. Any oil will remain better in the dry place protected from light.

Choosing " oil; to liking it is at first sight difficult to define whether there are at it synthetic components. The nose will help. Natural oil can not be pleasant, but will not irritate, most likely. Its smell soft, also ceases to work as soon as it is cleaned from a zone of sense of smell. The synthetic smell, on the contrary, remains long as though gets stuck under a nose bridge.

In conclusion brief information on useful properties of essential oils. Pink - good antiseptics, well influences all types of skin. Lavender - reduces stress, moistens skin and possesses bactericidal action. Lemon - it is rich with vitamin C, bleaches skin, will facilitate fight against a stress. Camomile - the good resolvent, will help to relax. Oil of a tea tree - powerful antiseptics.

Good luck.]