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What do we know about essential oils? Avoid synthetics.

it is difficult to surprise with the Aromatherapy. People about it know long ago. Aromas so are pleasant to much that they do not leave favourite smells and constantly carry at themselves medallions with essential oils. It is considered that only oils possess necessary properties.

Everything is correct, only oils. But oil to oil discord. At uncontrolled application essential oils can cause headaches and an allergy. The negative effect is possible if the technology and a compounding of preparation of a product is broken if there is an allergic reaction to any component if the oil concentrated and is diluted with nothing or if oil not natural.

Individual reaction to natural essential oil, of course, too is possible. But meets rather seldom. The chemistry is guilty of eight cases from ten in an allergy.

What for chemistry can be present at such remarkable fragrant product as essential oil? It appears, oils can be natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Well, directly automobile some terminology!

Synthetic oils do not make any medical impact. Moreover, results of its application can be unpredictable, receive them at chemical plants, and Mother Nature has the remote relation to their origin.

According to chemists, molecules of any fragrance, allegedly identical natural are rather simple. To a benzene ring - a basis fix molecules of three - five components necessary for formation of a smell. Sometimes cost also one. Producers select components independently therefore a synthetics smell at different firms different.

Compare to natural essential oil which contains about one and a half thousand components, and feel a difference. Of course, the equipment at us far went. At desire it is possible to synthesize also almost full analog of natural creation. But who needs these efforts? It is cheaper to receive naturprodukt .

Semi-synthetics is less dangerous. But to the properties granted by the nature and it it is very far. In the course of production and packing of natural essential oils in back streets technological devices their considerable quantity gathers. To Pull out waste from secluded places it is possible only with solvent use.

Then " cocktail; subject to multistage cleaning. Naturally, about preservation of useful properties the speech does not go any more. And for correction of the received aromas add synthetic components to the final product.

Synthetics and the remains of solvent, getting on skin, can quite cause allergic reaction. The situation is aggravated with the fact that producers do not shout about production secrets and, without violating directly the established rules, prefer to dissemble a little.

On packing of a natural product surely there has to be an inscription 100 percent natural " essential oil; with the indication of the Latin name. But the inscriptions " meet; 100 percent pure or natural Essential difference! Pure - not necessarily natural, and at semi-synthetics by all means there are natural components.

Be attentive and careful at the choice of aromas. Avoid products of chemical production. And than natural essential oils are useful and as to use them we will consider slightly later.]