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Than Jack Sparrow had dinner?

As it is known to all judges of creativity of Johnny Depp, his hero Jack Sparrow was a pirate, the captain of a wooden sailing vessel Black Pearl . He swam with team by the tropical seas, boarded vessels, chased predatory production. Film trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean Sea - the fascinating fairy tale executed a clap of sails, a scratch of masts and a roar of sea elements.

To learn more about life trifles on an ancient wooden sailing vessel, it is obviously not enough movie. Fortunately, the written certificates on what was eaten and sailors drank during long swimming, remained much. The sailor`s food was special, it had to conform to several vital requirements: to be rather compact, over - nutritious and, preferably, not spoiling.

Crackers, corned beef, grain, rum. Under good circumstances - onions, garlic (the most valuable vitamin means). At bad - " potash; (properly the boiled-down bones, cartilages and the other remains). Sometimes - cheese, fish. It is necessary to tell that bad times happened more often than good: neither the captain, nor quartermaster services could define rather accurately, swimming what is the time will last. Therefore saved on everything.

So, meat: beef or pork corned beef. Lies to itself in hold in barrels. Should not spoil it seems quickly. However it is not excluded that the villain - the quartermaster for a certain bribe closed eyes to the substandard product put on the vessel. Or instead of the small barrels installed by documentation it took corned beef in big. So, sailors will long eat up spoiled - meat in them goes bad earlier, than its manage to eat.

Still option - " corned beef; second grade : sinewy, rigid, too salted. Such meat was been in the habit to be chopped before the use for pieces and to throw into a tub, having filled in with water. Then one of sailors long warmed up him legs to soften a product. Bon appetit!

Crackers or ship`s biscuits. Were stored in special chests. Rats and worms there often climbed freely. Skilled sailors therefore advised beginners there are crackers in the dark - not to injure, so to speak, nervous system. Ship`s biscuits differed from sukhareypolny lack of salt: this product was urged to counterbalance its surplus in corned beef. Often ship`s biscuits happened so firm that sailors hardly broke them, for example, against a table.

Grain: most often peas. It is necessary to tell what hot cooked on a sailing vessel not every day. During a storm or military operations sailors were content with a dry ration. Rats and worms loved too peas therefore " soup; with " meat; was a habitual dish. By the way about rats: on their sailing vessels happened very much and many. There is a certificate that on one of the Spanish galleons 4000 rats - and it only during one swimming to Europe from the Caribbean islands were destroyed.

And, of course, rum. 60-degree drink perfectly killed any infection. It was added to rotten water, and it could be drunk again. Rohm helped sailor`s stomachs to cope if the food was not especially edible: there was a case when on the sailing vessel suffering disaster the team long ate the boiled-down rags of leather equipment. Rum warmed, treated and invigorated.

No wonder that sailors were considered in Europe as the burned drunkards. To exclude premature death of staff from alcoholism, the ship administration gave to sailors rum in the diluted look - a so-called grog. One of recipes grog: a third of rum and two thirds of water with addition of lemon juice and sugar.

Approximately so, has to be, and sailors " ate; Black Pearl . No, we will not go further, and we will not imagine that monstrovidny sailors " ate; Flying Dutchman from the same film trilogy. However, the audience could see a diet of one of them when William Turner (Orlando Blum) made a hole a saber in a piracy belly. In a disgusting way? So on that they and pirates: gallantry and refinement in food at them, really, on a penny.]