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How to make a gift with own hands? Piracy option.

After issue of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Sea the image of the pirate which is already improbably improved became even more pleasant and attractive. (Johnny Depp tried!) Almost everyone wanted to visit such sea Robin Hood (with only that difference that not robbers, but noble pirates no money to poor people was distributed). Now you will be able to achieve romantic dream of the simple city dweller, at the same time having got rid of a problem what to present? .

For this purpose it will be necessary for you:

- photos presented and pictures on a piracy subject (in electronic form);

- the printer;

- paper;

- a quantity of cash.

For a start it is necessary to take a photo and to stick together a collage with use of it. It can be the person victims in a frame It is searched / or it in a piracy suit for a photomontage. All this has to settle down against the pictures chosen by you with chests, gold, skulls, the ships and other attributes of life of pirates.

Then we send the turned-out collage to a photoworkshop for printing. The poster size (30 x 45 cm) quite will be suitable for a format of ready work. It will cost you 40 - 60 rubles on photographic paper or 150 - 180 rubles on paper for posters.

While the organization chosen by you is engaged in the embodiment in life of your art plan, we find shop of carnival costumes and we get in it a red bandana, a black hat, not less black bandage approximately and everything on what you are ready to fork up and what the shop will have enough suitable range for. It is possible to cost only a hat (from 300 rubles) as it is main evident business card pirate.

And, at last, the last, but not on the importance - a black tag. We unpack, of the size of a palm, a black circle with a blue blood and the letter explaining what in general occurs. A font - broken, piracy. The text of the letter can be such:

[Name]! Recently I was on Tortuge and now I know your secret! It is useless to refuse and try to hide the truth further. The TRUTH always gets out outside from - under stripped vests. You are a PIRATE! I told all to you, [Name]. From this point happiness will look for the person with a black tag.

P. S. Brought your things. You will be able to show all the real face in the nearest future.
the Black tag we put

in the letter.

We redeem a collage, we collect all turned-out piracy ingredients in one gift and safely we go on a visit. And if you prepare a gift not alone, then can find the suitable scenario of a piracy holiday and arrange with friends the real representation with games and prizes. On the Internet of similar scenarios fully, be also not frightened that they for children: each person in soul - the child, and there is a wish to make something unusual everything. Find the accomplice (or several), paint roles, prepare suits - the holiday will become unforgettable. But forces and funds for it will leave much more. I wish you Udach, newly made Pirates and their pioneers!]