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From where the fico is?

On one of boards, I saw a fico. This composition from fingers meant quite emotional negative answer: here to you! From where this expressive gesture?

I found the answer in India. At the airport of New - Delhi I heard an amusing joke from the Russians who arrived to India to a seminar of the psychotherapists considering the mentor... Shiva. This that archaic deity which is regular when the next term of a terrestrial cycle comes destroys by the violent dancing the world. As opposed to it Brahma creates the world on the place of destroyed again.

... And so, the tired passerby on the earth stretched, however legs rested against a stone which represented Divine Shiva. The person in other party turned, but also there disturbed a deity. When and for the third time it was asked to descend from the sacred place, he raised hands to the sky and begged: About Shiva, you really the greatest god, all earth is busy with sanctuaries in your honor .

Actually, in India continually, more precisely, almost under each tree, Shiva is famous. There the simple, rolled by waters of the rivers cobble-stones lie. But they can, Hindus to feel when divine spirit of a deity recovers dead stone.

Nowadays the most ancient emblem of creation of mankind causes goodwill only in Shaivas. It is honored in many temples of India. Other part of mankind already lost this archaic feeling of general worship, having forgotten finally that at the beginning of a civilization the way of creation similar was idolized.

Shiva in the person almost all Soviet people knew. The trade mission regularly chose the dancing multiarmed Shiva for sale to the fellow citizens. He is the chief of ascetics - hermits. He is a defender of those who indulges in art of meditation and dance. The most amazing in its shape is connection of lines of asceticism with a naturalistic sensuality. Shiva`s shape cannot but frighten. Abundance of hands, long unkempt hair and third eye in a forehead. Same excentric by sight, as their archaic deity, his modern admirers arriving to India from all countries of the world. Young people, seemingly, avoid soap and water. But like to decorate tattoo skin. In it they are similar to old induska.

But a lot of things it is possible to forgive to rebels - Shaivas. They felt the soul which finds communication good luck during their long meditations. They bear responsibility for quality of their own life. In one joint flight the young fellow traveler to me chewed also summed up revelations of ancient wise men - when there is no god in soul, in it there is such huge hole - an abyss which any more not to fill with either sex, or money, or prestigious work. Emptiness disturbs to a shower. These the truth was opened for the neophyte by the overseas guru. Though could teach science about a shower to it and at home, in the native fatherland, and the Christian father. Today much more people began to go to the Christian temple, but they managed to learn only outer side of Orthodoxy. Many neophytes did not learn the purposes of Christian life where conducts a way of belief, and continue spiritual search on the party at adherents of archaic religions.

Something ached inside. Heart? Also people of a drop accept. And the Soul from egg arises, hollows a shell. How to live with it, Soul, further how to look for truth of life how to be prepared for death - transition to new life? Here Russians behind spiritual councils fly to wise men of India. It not mere curiosity, not only fashionable craze - the world started moving, satisfying thirst suddenly of the woken-up souls. Though not suddenly all this is there was a reason. I want to warn, not in any of those who appears on the street carelessly dressed, with the confused greased hair, it is necessary to see the true adherent of an ancient deity. Now even Shiva`s image is fashionable.

In the ancient Vedic world uniting those people which we call Indo-Europeans now Shiva it was popular. One of his names - Shishnadeva - in further development, in Russian, was transformed. Huge ritual columns with navershiy were called Shish . The indianist V. Kukharev on this occasion remembered a proverb: From - for the woods, a dark, brought Shish huge . The word altered on behalf of an ancient deity shish is called nowadays just indecent combination of fingers, and in fact - ancient shivaistsky is wise, making deep sacral meaning. And why shish with " oil;? So to these idols, shisha, did honors. Made yagyyu if to be expressed on - Sanskrit, that is, poured deities sacrificial milk and oil.

From those pagan times national games remained. The archaic sense with fallistichesky implication in the festivals restored nowadays in honor of Ivan Kupala - Gopal (Krishna) and in many merrymakings, drinking bouts, holidays of all people where young men compete to get at his top of a column - a phallus a prize, is more often in the form of a painted female scarf. Similar competition of guys is included into the obligatory program of prewedding celebrations in Asia.]