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Who needs business - the plan?

Quite often among businessmen it is possible to hear the words business - the plan business - planning and these words quite often are associated with the words " bank; credit borrower . But seldom who reflects whether business - the plan is necessary in general to the beginning businessman? In most cases business - the plan is necessary to the beginning businessman only for receiving the credit for the starting capital. Let`s understand who in general needs business - the plan?

In conversation with the beginning businessmen you learn that the main problem of the majority of them is lack of the starting capital. That is to begin the business, they need fixed assets, cars (not always reasonably), machines, tools and other. Similar talk sets thinking. If any person has a similar base, then can begin business practically everyone? But word businessman from the word to undertake enterprising ? Whether the person wants to be engaged in that? Perhaps to it to settle where - nibud for work and it is quiet, without problems to receive money every month?

But we will assume, the person decided - to open the business. And it needs the starting capital. There are several opportunities. To borrow friends (not really good option - You Want to lose the friend - borrow it money ) to find the sponsor (it is not always possible, if you not a star or very popular personality), and, at last, to borrow money in bank. Ninety percent of businessmen prefer to use the third way. It is clear, why. Now banks have a set of credit lines, including preferential lines for businessmen. It is possible to call conditions accepted.

So, the businessman goes to bank. First of all at it inquire about existence and a condition of pledge. If with pledge everything is all right, the marathon on various instances begins that takes decent time. And, at last, demand business from the newly appeared businessman - the plan.

Here - that also begins the most interesting. The businessman suddenly finds out that he knows only the general direction of the business. And that is quite indistinct. He runs in consulting firm. There ask it, than he will be engaged where he will take raw materials how many at it will be clients what at it will be a sales market. All these questions nonplus the businessman. It appears, he even approximately does not know answers to these questions.

Be ready to business. If you decided to open the business, make elementary calculations. Where you will take goods (raw materials, services), a sales market, partners how many for you it is necessary means. At the first stage you will have enough it. Sometimes happens that the businessman accepts any sum of the credit if only the sum was large. But one good turn deserves another, and with percent and considerable. It is necessary to remember it.

What conclusion can be drawn from all this? Business - the plan (business - the plan, not business - idea on 3 pages means really) is necessary to banks and consulting firm? Or all - to the businessman?

Being going to take so responsible step as opening of the business, of course, it is necessary to be most prepared for it. Begin with small, read literature. Before running in bank and to ask money, consult with successful businessmen. Get acquainted with conditions of several banks and choose an optimal variant. There are special funds for business support where percent are significantly lower, a flexible form of repayment of the credit and preferential terms. The truth of papers it is necessary to collect slightly more there. But I think, business is worth it.

Actually everything is not so terrible. Of course, businessmen can make quite decent business - plans. But it will occupy you a great lot of time and efforts. Think whether it is worth spending so precious resources for that only to learn to make business - the plan? Of course, it is necessary to be able to plan, but in the known limits. And let`s provide work on drawing up the business plan on 200 pages to consulting firms. Plan and create the unique business!]