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But whether not to prepare for us the minestrena?

the Strange thing - inspiration. Happens, you consider photos from holiday or you hear the song, or you remember beautiful history and you understand suddenly that there was a strong desire to prepare something, special, unusual and interesting. And time start is given to creative process, we will not allow it to calm down and fall asleep, we will remember a trip to Italy, for example. Or we will just dream of south countries.

We go to other countries and we try their national dishes for the first time estimated at us at restaurants with expression on the person find 10 differences . And coming back home, with a type of experts we tell friends where at us do not report on tigers in cages " meat;. In a case with Italian cuisine not everything is so unambiguous. If to take the most popular and all a familiar dish - pizza - and to try to find a standard on the historical homeland, you just will not manage to make it. The Italian pizza is the unique imagination created by soul and the cook`s heart. Any restaurant will serve you pizza, and it will differ from the friend from previous in ingredients, test thickness, taste, at last. And each cook will be right in the vision of ideal pizza. What to do to us? It is simple to take it for granted and to derive pleasure, without having forgotten to order a small jug of a domestic wine to such acquaintance and at the same time unusual food.

But restaurants restaurants, and we can be given to creative culinary process usually only at ourselves in kitchen. Let`s make for lunch vegetable salad and the minestrena? True Italians, with additives like pieces of cheese yes of olives, will never refuse fresh vegetables oil and vinegar salad.

Basic Italian cuisine is very simple, but it does not do it primitive, tasteless and unnutritious. The sure cook will go further, improving and shading taste, but also to prepare for the beginning cuoco in power an interesting dish especially as Italian cuisine tries not to suppress natural taste of products.

If tendency to experiments is limited to components, strict preferences and disgust for certain tastes, available at the time of preparation of a lunch, then the choice is all the same not so small. The well-known Italian soup exists in a set of options. In the north and in the south, with cabbage and vegetable marrows, with peas and haricot, with meat and vegetarian, with rice and even with paste. Even absolutely different gas stations can be meant by the same name. Unites their variety of components.

We will try to prepare for the minestrena on - Sicilian in that look which contains zucchini (but not a color and Savoy cabbage which, in my opinion, are characteristic of more northern regions of Italy). By the way, it is very interesting to watch changes of recipes depending on geography. The to the north, the greater influence is exerted by neighboring countries - Germany and Switzerland.

So, we take a pan, it is desirable with the double or weighted bottom as the main process of preparation including frying happens in it. Notice, time is the main process, has to be and additional. Treat the last preliminary preparation of broth (vegetable or chicken), roasting of sweet pepper - is enough couple of features, a grinding of pepper and - as without cheese? - getting of grated parmesan. It is possible to buy a bag of ready shaving, and it is possible to rub independently. We count on 4 - 6 portions and we start creativity.

We warm in a pan couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil , in the original recipe - olive, we add the big bulb cut with large cubes, and we fry it. Not for long, there will be enough minute. Fire has to be moderate.

Then we add a celery (we cut small), a clove of garlic (we cut thin plates), (we cut triangles, halves of circles or circles, depending on mood and diameter of carrot) and on slow fire we fry one carrots to softness of vegetables.

Is added by a little small cut of pork brisket (or ham), there is enough 50 - 100 g, and almost at once large slices of three - four tomatoes without skin and the chopped greens of parsley . A pinch - two.

mixed Everything, allowed vegetables and meat to get acquainted. Minutes five.

We take one and a half liters of hot broth , we salt, we add fresh ground pepper. When broth begins to boil, we add from a half-glass or slightly more of rice arborio and four medium-sized zucchinis cut on cubes . Again we bring to boiling and we diminish fire to an easy pobulkivaniye. Now only to wait, periodically stirring slowly and checking readiness of rice.

the Consistence depends on taste of eaters if you consider what is ropish, it is possible to add some hot broth.

While it is cooked longer by to the minestrena , we prepare simple salad from largely cut cucumber, tomato, pepper torn or cut by strips of cabbage lettuce, the crude champignons cut with plates. We add oil, we sprinkle vinegar, we salt, we pepper. Accurately we mix by means of a salad spoon and a fork Brightly? Yes just semaphore!

We set the table, creating surroundings of a trattoriya owing to the ideas of the Italian style. The nose rejoices to a smell, the mouth anticipates taste, it would be necessary to please also eyes, truly? Let in something it is wrong or inexact, it should not confuse, the main thing that in pleasure and with mood. Bread in a pletenka, it is white - a red cloth and napkins in a section, for example, already quite certain hint on a lunch.

Soup is ready. If already in addition and pepper are baked (the skin was removed, cleared of sunflower seeds, on segments cut), there are a grated parmesan and leaves of a basil which can be added to soup, then buon appetito!]