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How simply and quickly to make solyanka?

you know that in order that solyanka turned out ooochen tasty, it is necessary to use as much as possible meat for its preparation, and, the more versions it will go to preparation, the best result will expect you?


Ingredients for solyanka:

of a bone - 500 g

meat (pork) - 200 g

boiled ham - 100 g

qualitative and expensive sausages - 100 g

boiled kidneys - 100 g

salty (but not marinated is better) cucumbers - 100 g

chicken meat - 100 g

usual white onions - 200 g

capers - 200 g

black olives without stones - 100 g

sweet tomato paste - 100 g

soft butter - 50 g

sour cream - 100 g


salt fennel greens.

And now the recipe.

From meat and bones you cook broth.

cooks broth So far, crush onions and brown it with tomato paste on butter. You cut in small cubes pickles. When broth prepares, take out from it meat and bones, carefully filter two times and, having added to it onions and cucumbers, boil thoroughly 5 minutes on weak fire without cover.

You cut pieces meat and capers, and olives - thin ringlets.

Under broth switch off fire, put in it all spices and cover for 10 - 15 minutes.

can place after that in broth meat with capers and olives. Giving

on a table, fill solyanka with sour cream. Fans can add the lemon circle which is previously cleared of a dried peel.

Is very tasty to have a snack solyanka on fresh pampushkas with garlic.

I cook pampushkas as follows. I Take


dry yeast - 10 g

high-grade flour - 500 g

the sunflower oil refined - 2 tablespoons

egg - 1 piece

milk - 1 glass.

At first I mix yeast with flour, I add sunflower oil, warm milk and carefully I knead dough. Then I do to

of the test a sphere, I cover it with a towel and I leave for 1 hour in the warm place to approach. Further I divide dough into 40 balls, I press down them for giving of a flat form a little. At last I spread balls not really closely to each other on the baking sheet oiled sunflower and I leave for 30 minutes rasstoyatsya.

Before sending pampushkas to the furnace I grease them with the shaken-up egg. I bake on an average a heat (that crusts did not burst) 15 minutes.

are concerned pampushkas So far, I cook garlick sauce: I press through a garlic head, I add salt to taste and slightly - slightly vegetable oil, I shake up a fork in foam to a sour cream consistence.

When pampushkas will bake, densely I smear them with sauce and I give slightly cooled down to a table.

Some addition to cooking of meat for solyanka.

of the Kidney needs to be cooked separately from all other meat.

Here is how correctly it needs to be done.

the Cleared kidneys should be cut on 4 parts, to put in cold water and to wait 3 hours, then this water needs to be merged. Further a kidney are washed out, located in the boiling water and 2 - 3 minutes cook. Water merges again, and kidneys are located in cold water in which 1,5 hours on weak fire cook.

Broth from kidneys is not used in preparation of solyanka.

Bon appetit! ]