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Why men are happier?

Are valid why? Look, they are entirely happier than us, women. Where you saw the man dissatisfied with? It can be dissatisfied with the boss, a salary, the wife, but only not itself(himself). The man is self-sufficient to simplicity. Also it is happy. What else to expect from such simple being? Prost his life as his pleasures are simple.

The surname it carries the same all life. Never it was observed at men of tendencies to change of a surname. And besides it is usually happy with the surname. He is proud that he can generously distribute the surname to persons of an opposite sex and award with it the children. And to award the son also the name, the man does a graceful feint - adds the title " to the name; Senior (that gives it additional weight in society), and appropriates to the offspring the title Younger . And when its Junior becomes Senior, there is a castling and everything repeats around.

The man has at least something special personal in the house: its garage. It is simple to imagine it is impossible the woman speaking my garage . You such met? I - am not present.

And weddings? You saw the men striving concerning the wedding? Everything is solved absolutely without their participation. Everything becomes others hands, leaving to the man only merrily bachelor parties. If the wedding dress costs 5000, then hire of its dress coat will beat out a gap of all in a stoshka and yet this dress coat will not pine for a mute reproach in its case all life as her dress pines. ( Correctly mother spoke to me.... - she thinks. Correctly mother spoke to it... - he thinks. Also does not leave her suspicion of desire of repeated use of this attire. Otherwise to the man not to comprehend why to store a disposable dress).

Chocolate for the man not an idol and not a fetish, and just next type of food. Besides the man can become even a President and at the same time it can never be pregnant. (If in November our Billari becomes the ladies` president, it does not threaten her too - to Bill not to her, probationers besiege).

The man can go in a white undershirt to an aquapark. Moreover, it can go WITHOUT undershirt. And to it nothing for it will be. It can wear shorts irrespective of the fact how his legs look. He considers three suits and three pairs of shoes quite sufficient in life. It carries only one ring on all the ten fingers. Also owns art not to notice folds on the clothes. On a beach it will take in holiday with itself(himself) only one suit. Lucky!

Its linen is not more expensive of tens dollars for three couples of underwear. His favourite clothes - jeans and an undershirt. (We will not begin to recalculate the jeans and T-shirts?) It has only one wallet where it carries everything that can be necessary for it in life, it has only one hair color and only one complexion. It should not change a hairdress and it goes with same decades. And to whom will carry - carries a bald head and in general does not care for anything. Even about a hairbrush. He does not look for new wrinkles on the face and if they appear, then only for giving to the man of solidity. He is not concerned at all by elasticity of his breasts - what is, such and carries anyhow. Lucky!

Mechanics tell it the truth, and people at conversation with it do not stare at his breast. For it the whole world - a personal toilet. It will not rush on other gas station if the toilet at that gas station where was impatient, seemed to it smelly. He does not estimate quality of the toilet room the sizes of mirrors. It can wash in a toilet not only hands, but also a face - ink will not begin to flow from his eyelashes.

It should not stop to think in what party to turn off - to twirl a cover of a gasoline tank or a nut. The man does identical work with you, but pay him more. How here not to feel happy. It is also happy. It is pacified. Its telephone conversations last no more than 3 minutes and nobody ever will become his enemy only because that that did not invite him on a visit or is dressed in the same shirt. They will remain friends, here will see.

However, it is necessary it (it is necessary to pay for everything in this life!) to have a shave and have daily in a makeweight to the wife also the mother-in-law, but unless it will be compared to the benefit of a freedom of choice to live with moustaches and a beard or without it! And to do itself manicure by means of a penknife. Or to play all life with toys. Or anybody not to address to open any cover of any can. Or a hand to drag sprats from banks. Or not to spoil to itself (and to people around) mood from run on a sock shooters.

Nobody ever will call the man on one letter of the alphabet if it often changes partners. And when he at respectable age marries on very young, nobody will reproach him with self-interest. And occasionally washing the dishes, he every time is convinced that else any wife did not shoot the husband behind this occupation. Stories such cases are unknown.

Nobody ever discusses his legs and if he buys a new pair of shoes, then it to be put and to carry it, but not to wear in, killing legs and suffering. And the size of footwear does not concern him. Well and that that 45 - y? Besides, he is able to sort and collect back without excess details everything that was once collected by the manufacturer. He knows at least 5 ways to open a bottle without corkscrew and at least 100 jokes about the mother-in-law. And one thousand ways of a zanykivaniye of money. Therefore do not run.

And only, for God`s sake, leave him alone with the broken nail. From the broken nail absolutely nearby till the ruined youth. He a skin knows it! Because, that you complained to it 15 minutes of pure time, the nail back will not be put. And you never learn that he thought of you all this time.

You paid attention, the man does not cry? Unless the favorite team loses it, and he argued at office on one thousand that she will win. And it is not curious idly. When the dearest declares that she should talk to it, it is not put from the beginning of dialogue. He continues to be silent. And he is able to do this serious work best of all than the others. But he will not incur litter from a log hut on friends and will not begin to complain of you to the mother and neigbours. In all the pluses: if Eve though for a second closed a mouth, Adam would manage to insert 5 kopeks about apple. Therefore be not upset, lovely ladies: is silent - means allows you to talk. Also it is happy.

Here such they are our lucky. Such we love them. We followed such on penal servitude and from - for such patiently we watch only sports channels when wonderful Mexican series about the real machoes - foreign men exist so many.]