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How to save the child from cold? A hardening of

All parents dream of that their children were healthy. That it was not necessary to muffle up them in bad weather, to close all windows and window leaves in the winter, to take additional sick-lists and to buy a heap of drugs. The most paradoxical that all mothers and fathers remember need of prevention of catarrhal diseases during activization of flu and cold.

Wonder: how often you thought of the child`s hardening in the spring, in the summer or in the fall? For certain it is, much less, than in the winter at the child`s bed when he lies with a temperature. These minutes you make to yourself oath promises to begin hardenings together with the kid as soon as he recovers. And, maybe, you have a shower bath cold water of times or two after that, and then you forget.

The most important is to begin to care about health of the child as soon as possible. Best of all since the birth. Also be not afraid that the kid is still absolutely small. Its protective mechanisms are much more effective, than we got used to think. They only need to help not to weaken. Warming the child and preserving him against all changes of weather, we weaken his immunity. And then we are surprised how he could catch a cold, on the street the above-zero temperature and a warm breeze! If you treat those parents who want to see the children healthy, then this article for you.

Still in the ancient time people knew that air, water and a sunlight well influence health of the person. For certain then there were no words immunity water " procedures; and solar bathtubs . But it was known that to bathe in the small river, it is useful to sunbathe and go barefoot. Having moved to the city jungle, the modern person began to be afraid of these easy ways, preferring modern tablets and powders.

A hardening - one of the most available methods of fight against catarrhal diseases. It is not difficult to be tempered in the modern apartment at all as we take every day a shower, and to add and lower cold water as easy as shelling pears. Newborn children are bathed too every day therefore it is possible to begin directly today. The basic principle of a hardening - the difference of temperatures including immune system. Having got used to them, the organism of the child begins to cope with cold. Your business - to choose one of ways and to adhere to it for a long time.

Douche. The most traditional way and very effective, but demanding a certain preparation. We accustom the child to douche gradually during evening bathing. We wash in a bathroom, then we pull out, mother holds on hands, and I water with cool water from a shower. Then we lower in warm water again. And so several times. We finish always with warm water that the child well slept.

Is more senior than the kid it is necessary to begin to temper, pouring over feet. Before it surely explain to him why this procedure what healthy and strong it will become not to frighten him is necessary and not to beat off desire to be tempered. All know that wet legs quite often lead to cold. Direct impact on these zones will make them unreceptive to dampness. Adults also suit this method. And if you take a shower in the morning, then it is better to finish with cold water to be to feel more vigorously and better. Believe, works, checked on itself.

Easier way - rubdown. Wet a rag or a sponge water of room temperature, wring out and rub off the kid. After that pound a dry towel before easy reddening. Everyone five - six days reduce temperature by couple of degrees, having brought it gradually to 15 degrees. This procedure needs to be carried out daily in the mornings.

It is known that it is better to bathe the child in water, which temperature about 35 degrees. Gradually reducing temperature to 30 degrees, you will force the child to move more vigorously and teach him to swim at the same time. If all of you still are afraid of cold bathtubs, then use the " method; cold spot . Having bathed the child, add to a bathtub of a little cold water. Then spend the kid on this spot and return back to warm water.

The hardening strengthens not only immunity of the child, but also nervous system, and also makes active a metabolism. But here it is necessary to follow some rules. In - the first if you doubt something, then surely consult to the pediatrician. Especially, if the child weak and often is ill. During procedures you watch emotions of the child. It has to be happy and in good mood. Do not do breaks in the course of a hardening. Having stopped procedures, you will weaken an organism of the kid and it is necessary to begin anew.

Begin to care for the child since the birth, then then you will save plenty of time and money to spend them for something more interesting and useful.]