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How to force the first grader to do homework?

Well, began! Everyones a gratefulness, the connected with enthusiastic exclamations of people around concerning ingenuity of your preschool child, lovely efforts for full-fledged equipment the first time - in the first class and a holiday on September 1 already in the past. And suddenly it turned out that desire and diligence with which your child put the first words until recently output them on paper, suddenly somewhere were gone. And everything that is connected with performance of homeworks, turned into a nightmare.

Educational psychologists in this respect have absolutely certain point of view. If the first grader does not want to do homework, it can mean only one: it is impossible to it. And a task of parents - to help the child. But for a start it is necessary to pay attention to one psychological moment.

Even if the child went to kindergarten or on classes in preparation for school, from it it was not required to do homework every day, he just did not get used to it. Involuntary memory or attention is when the child, without noticing that, can remember contents of the whole book - in six - seven years begin to die away. And randomness - ability - only - is only formed by effort of will to force itself something to do.

So to your child it is absolutely unsweetened now, at all not laziness does not allow it to perform homeworks. Parents (most often mothers are engaged in it, but why and the father not to undertake the help to the child) need to introduce a certain regime. Together with the child define concrete time in which he will sit down at lessons. In different days it can be different time, especially if there are additional loadings.

Of course, after school it is necessary not only to have dinner, but also to have a rest. If all this is provided, it is impossible to depart from the schedule without good reason. Otherwise there will be penalties (about it it is necessary to agree with the child especially individually too in advance). More likely, everything will be reduced to deprivation of pleasures: excommunication from the TV, the computer and so on. It is not desirable to deprive of walks and visit of trainings - from the beginning of academic year the child and so began to move less and spends much time indoors.

As soon as the first grader came home, help it to take necessary textbooks and notebooks out of a briefcase. Put them on the left corner of a table. In process of performance of tasks shift them to right. In advance open the textbook and a notebook: it is always easier to continue any work, than to begin it.

In the appointed hour ask the child to remember that is set on the house. He has to know that it concerns it too even if at you everything is written down. If though partially the child remembered, surely praise him. If writing of letters or figures is impossible, simple reception will help. Play school where your child, and you the pupil will be a teacher.

It has to to teach to write you: you graduated from school and which long ago - that already forgot . It is necessary that the child wrote in air with a finger, pronounced the actions: up, we round off, down, we round off, a stick down, a tail - here the written letter and . After that let writes letters to notebooks. But already silently, because kids during the letter hold the breath and cannot speak.

It is very useful to mold letters and figures from plasticine and to identify them to the touch and to write with a finger on a tray with grain. If the child quickly is tired, there is no sense to insist. Declare a short break, give a task to jump (for example, 10 times) or to creep under a chair. The number of exercises needs to be limited strictly, otherwise you will lose control over a situation and will not be able to set the kid for lessons again.

If reading difficult is given, it is necessary to attach in the most different places of the house the leaflets with the letters and syllables written by a different font turned by a side and head over heels . It will help the child to learn to identify letters in any situation and will develop automatism when reading.

If it all the same does not want it is necessary to change approach essentially. Help me, please. I cannot read something &hellip in any way; I spoiled handwriting. Remind, please, as it is beautiful to write the letter … It will not be resisted by any child. Praise more often! Even for the smallest achievement.