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Friendship between the man and the woman: what is it?

Many men believe such relations the myth - because practically to all women test sexual draft of different force. However whether it means that the friendship between the man and the woman really does not happen? Or maybe, it just differs from same-sex friendship?

such science - psychology of the relations Is. She considers various forms of the human relations, including most for us interesting - sexual.

Any relations between the man and the woman at which the sex of the partner in the relations matters are called sexual.

That is, even business relations can be sexual if the perception of the person as worker or chief mixes up with his perception as carrier of the floor, i.e. man or woman. Actually, it is the most common form of business relations between the man and the woman. At the same time partners in this form of the sexual relations hardly sleep or seriously are going to oversleep with each other.

From the point of view of this science, the friendship between the man and the woman is one of the youngest forms of the sexual relations. Its history - a subject for separate article, we will consider its essence.

At first let`s remember in what the same-sex friendship is expressed.

Friends communicate with each other because they have common interests. interestingly same or to them something is interesting to do Them

together: to collect stamps, to discuss series, to fight on wooden swords, etc. of

Friends trust each other. They are not afraid to seem to

each other not in that " suit; because know that one will not begin to humiliate another. They do not write down to themselves in notebooks or memory the rolls bought each other or beer.

Friends do not consider one another obliged . They do not make to

a row if one organizes a party or shish kebabs, and another says that he cannot or does not want to go to it. Or if one told another that he cannot help with something. Cannot but want - the right which one friend recognizes behind another.

Friends do not envy each other.

the Success of one does not become misfortune of another. Moreover, usually friends sincerely rejoice to each other udacha.

Friends feel communication. the Nature of this communication they cannot explain

, but is what our ancestors called the word bonds . This communication is related to both family, and matrimonial bonds, but nevertheless differs from them.

At friends - separate life.

Lovers plan the life with caution at each other and counting on compatibility . Friends live in itself. It does not mean that they cannot agree about something.

Friends communicate regularly.

Only continuous communication keeps in their contact. Otherwise it, alas, disappears.

Such is classical, same-sex friendship. The same is characteristic also of friendship of the man and the woman, with one additional condition: one of them or both want another, but for any reasons are not going to have sex. Something it is similar to Platonic love

As it arises?

the Writer S. Chekmayev in the book Vezukh notes that when the man and the woman precisely know that between them nothing will be, their relations become on - special confidential.

That is, the intersexual friendship as a form of the sexual relations, arises in case the man wanted any woman, understood that to him does not shine but it was so interested in it also as the personality that decided to derive pleasure from usual communication with it. Gradually communication in this communication gets stronger, and there is a friendship with all its attributes, including the friend will always help .

Why the man appears the active party?

The matter is that most of women are predisposed to an izvlekaniye of pleasure from all forms of communication and therefore pleasure from communication with the man as the personality for them a commonplace. Men are less ready for irregular shapes of the social, including sexual relations; able to derive from them pleasure very little. As creation of the full-fledged relations requires participation of both parties, the woman should wait passively whether it will be in the man`s environment with the quality described above.

The main thing that the parties understood that to feel an attraction to each other - does not mean to be incapable of friendship. It no more, than natural reaction of an organism, the component distinguishing intersexual friendship from same-sex.]