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Pizzenita - it is tasty? Certainly!

Most likely, now the pieces something thrown by hands of experts and fans of pizza will depart to me: I attempted upon the most sacred - on tradition! Well nothing remained from the original: neither test, nor sauce, only some weak reminder on a stuffing, that is on cheese. But I all - risked - I created something tasty and popular in my family, having trampled on all imaginable and inconceivable rules. And to you I suggest to try!

Pizza - one of the most democratic types of a fast food: it is popular also on the street, and at home, and with the thick test, and with thin crust, both with fillers, and without them.

Pizza can be made at you, warm, add something to your taste. You can order pizza home - and for you it will be made during at most half an hour, you receive it more hotly.

If the order of pizza is too expensive - it is possible to buy the frozen semi-finished product, to set it in an oven - and in 20 minutes you will eat greedily it the tasty dish is unconditional.

And if to you not laziness - you can make also dough both to plane cheese and to fill it with everything, than there is a wish, and flat cake to make such thickness as it is pleasant to you, and cheese to fill with all the heart - to put it briefly, enjoy both process of preparation, and taste of a product.

And here if you laziness also like something pizzepodobny? And that it was quickly, cheap and that it could be prepared at any time in the necessary quantity?

Such decision is! And it traces the roots back to times of existence in trade of processed cheeses and lack of mayonnaise in it.

Who is more senior remembers that the grated processed cheese with mayonnaise and garlic was one of crown snack of a holiday table. It was tasty, sharply, simply and cheap. And now strain, gather and think how this dish concerns some pizza? Guessed? Correctly, such cheese - an excellent filler for flat cake!

Well, and how with flat cake? It - as if the second main component of pizza. One more tension of your brains exhausted by the previous decision - and you come to the decision to replace dough with a bread piece. Simply, conveniently! Gracefully, at last!

Take a baking sheet from an oven in which you will do pizza (let`s it give own name - PITsTsENITA!) put on it so many pieces of bread how many you intend to prepare and eat (or to feed), on each of pieces put (smear) the grated cheese which is in advance mixed with grated (or davlenny) garlic, mayonnaise and herbs (it is possible both fresh, and dried). Apply a little ketchup on each piece - and the baking sheet can be put in an oven. 200 degrees, 15 - 20 minutes, cheese melted - the pizzenita is ready!

Certainly, you can add cheese with what you have today - simply to put on cheese, and then to decorate (to water) with ketchup (or ready sauce for pizza) Notice

, there is a fundamental difference of a pizzenita from her primogenitor: sauce on pizza is put UNDER cheese weight. And in our case such arrangement of sauce is fraught that the cheese layer from a pizzenita will slip on you at the most inappropriate moment (that already was with the author).

The oven should not be heated previously and if it already hot - a preparation time of a pizzenita is reduced.

Such way of production gives the chance to put ketchup with either a continuous spot, or some drawing - with sense or without it. I like to do nominal pizzenita: with initials of those who will eat it.

Grated cheese with seasonings and mayonnaise is perfectly stored in the refrigerator (about two weeks), the quantity which you can prepare in advance depends on the number of eaters and their appetite. Bread, naturally, should be taken white and to cut it more thinly (closer to one centimeter).

Except a pizzenita, cheese can be used for preparation of not less interesting dish: the pepper stuffed with cheese. Simply and tasty! Pods of pepper are cut lengthways on several parts, cleaned from contents and filled with grated cheese.

There is still at least one similar way of use of grated cheese with sweet pepper: cut off lids, take out seeds, fill pepper cheese weight (curd cakes rub, add the grated firm cheese, mayonnaise cut in small cubes segments of pods of pepper of different flowers, 3 tablespoons of small chopped fennel and ground pepper and shake up). Condense a stuffing with a spoon and sustain pepper pods in the refrigerator not less than 2 hours. When giving cut pepper pods across slices and issue greens branches.

Here to you and almost holiday table! Bon appetit!]