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How to make a small bottle - a neprolivashka for bed patients?

Yes, yes! A small bottle - a neprolivashka which bed patients with limited opportunities need.

For those who are not familiar with this problem a little bit I will tell.

Some people after the postponed injuries or diseases, for example, of a stroke, cannot own the movements of hands completely. However, regardless of an illness, all want to drink. It needs to be done several times in day. Bed patients with limited opportunities of the movement of hands can not always successfully take not that a mug, but even a small bottle with a special drinking bowl, and then water pours out. If such patients have no constant nurse, then, as a rule, during the next service of the patient it becomes clear that it has wet clothes from - for the spilled drink. And the wet clothes are dangerous by complications, up to inflammatory processes.

To avoid it, it is necessary to exclude a possibility of an involuntary effluence of liquid from a small bottle, even then, when it incidentally falls.

At once we will reject options with nipples. In - the first, from them it is not so simple to exhaust, to especially old or weakened people. In - the second, there is here a strong psychological barrier which not all can overcome.

Another matter a special small bottle for drink which are applied by cyclists.

But here you wait for us disappointment. From it it is good to drink, but when capsizing a small bottle liquid follows from its stopper.

The healthy person blocks a stopper pressing and by that prevents contents pouring out.

The sick person, unfortunately, cannot make it.

I suggest to solve a problem of prevention of an effluence of liquid from such small bottle as follows:

1. Pour drink which supposes to give to drink to the patient in a small bottle.

2. Take a white cotton thread No. 10 and a podmotayta the basis of mobile part of the valve of a stopper.

3. Lower the valve against the stop in a podmotanny thread.

4. Check, having overturned a bottle a stopper down whether liquid follows. If liquid does not flow, then try to drink: at the same time liquid without big effort of sucking has to follow in a mouth. If it does not occur, then repeat point 2. If liquid flows, then wind off a little earlier reeled up thread on point 2 and repeat point 4.

5. Having achieved positive result, fix the valve against the stop. So, liquid randomly does not follow, but at weak sucking freely flows in a mouth.

Here such simple improvement of a stopper of a small bottle will help to provide to the bed patient with limited functions of hands prevention of pouring out of contents of a small bottle at its falling, and also preservation of dry clothes and bed linen.

This method is checked on own experience of care of my sick mother.

The speedy recovery your expensive and favourite!]