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Why and properly to struggle with a stress?

Almost daily we appear in situations which are close to stressful or are those. The condition of a stress arises when mobilization of all forces of an organism on satisfaction of any vital need or protection against imminent danger is required. At a stress as at any strong experience, the nervous system is sharply stimulated, adrenaline and hormones of bark of adrenal glands, and also a hypophysis with all that it implies are thrown out blood: heartbeat increase, growth of a blood pressure and content of sugar in blood, increase of a muscular tone etc.

of the Reason of a stress , as we know, can be the most various: for example, quarrel with the loved one, an illness of the child, change of darling, trouble at work etc. By the way, the last large-scale research conducted by the British experts confirms that communication between a stress at work and coronary heart disease is prichinno - investigative. In 12 years seven surveys which showed that at the workers having a chronic stress, the risk of development of an ischemic disease is 68 percent higher were conducted. Most accurately this communication was traced at people till 50 years. Meanwhile, behavioural and biological changes are explained why the stress at work leads to a heart trouble. So, the workers having a stress eat unhealthy food, smoke, drink and do not play sports, as leads to an illness. Research also showed that at the workers having a stress, weaker heart and the increased content of hormone of a stress of cortisol. Its too large number in blood can do harm to vessels and heart.

The stress influences one and all systems of a human body. Reaction to a stress partial or total loss of appetite), loss of weight or its increase can become (and some, on the contrary, have a constant desire something to eat. Experts note that people, strong on character, prefer a stress to jam and weak - to wash down . But alcohol as stress medicine, of course, is not recommended. Excellent means of fight against a stress are the aromatherapy and massage though to learn to control really the stress, it will be required to cure an etiology.

We act

1. Overcoming of a stress begins with work on own consciousness. The incentive will disappear - there will be also no answer to it. If you are able to convince yourself that this situation is not a matter of life and death, then also stress symptoms will disappear.

2. For a start, friends, define, than each of the arisen problems is. As soon as the problem new is planned, wonder whether it is worth it to spoil your mood and health.

3. Remember that the choice is always. You can and have to control the behavior. And what it will be, negative or positive, depends only on you.

4. Before being nervous, at first assess a situation. Understand that gossips of colleagues or quarrel with the chief are incentives which you should not perceive emotionally. Together with thoughts of them you will be able to leave also own offenses, irritation, rage etc. Similar trifles are not worthy your attention.

Of course to force itself not to think of the arisen troubles often very much and very difficult, but it needs to study, still nobody thought up the best stress medicine...

Yes, and still: be cheerful! Do not forget to laugh, with a smile it is much easier to walk on life! Progress to you, peace of mind and harmony!!!]