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Migraine - what it?

you Remember the sufferings tormenting Pontius Pilate before a court over Yahshuah? It was no other than a migrenozny attack.

It is possible to call not any headache migraine though it is considered that at least once its attack is transferred during life practically by any person. Yes, it is a headache, but absolutely special - strong, pristupoobrazny and accruing, the pulsing character, duration from several hours to several days, practically never arising in a darkness and a nape. Something it is similar to epilepsy or panic attack.

More than at a half of people only right-hand pains, at a quarter are observed - only left-side, a quarter more of patients can test migraine attacks in both half of the head with different frequency. Right-hand attacks are usually stronger on intensity of pain and are followed vegetative storm (a fever, short wind, heartbeat, perspiration, sometimes - the speeded-up urination). Left-side arise at night more often and at smaller intensity are more long, are followed by a face edema.

Other not palatable things also are usually combined with a headache: intolerance of loud sounds and strong smells, bright light, dacryagogue, sight turbidity, face reddening or its pobledneniye, decrease or increase of arterial pressure - up to nausea and vomiting. Of course, the person with the developed migrenozny attack is disabled (attention, employers!) and does not want anything, except rest and relief of sufferings at all. The attack usually comes to the end with slackness and drowsiness. Actually, the residual period can proceed and several days.

Women are ill several times more often than men. Modern researches confirm an undoubted role of a genetic factor in a migraine origin (the ancient name hemicrany - pain in half of the head). Understand vascular brain insufficiency and a lack of serotonin of nervous system as it. Still numerous stresses, overfatigue, malnutrition or defective food (any exotic diets), sometimes - fluctuations of atmospheric pressure and periods provoke development of migraine.

Modern doctors allocate primary (spontaneously arising) and secondary (the companion of various brain diseases) migraine. Primary sometimes happens to aura, sometimes - without. The aura is not that psychics, and some kind of presentiment of the approaching attack see. It can be a general malaise, front sights and circles before eyes, irritability, weight in the head, prickings of the person and extremities, lack of appetite or gluttony. Symptoms of aura last about one hour and pass from the beginning of an attack. A thing, of course, uncomfortable, but the person has time to be going for an attack - to come into a drugstore, to cause ambulance to settle in the dark place, to pull together the head with a scarf or a bandage, to take medicine.

At primary migraine the forecast in general favorable - in the sense that is not present at it life-threatening complications. But from poignancy - that it is necessary to escape! As prevention recommend training in relaxation methods, optimization of a work-rest schedule, walk in the fresh air and a special diet (cheese, red wine, chocolate, nuts, cocoa, citrus, bean are excluded). It is necessary in details to calculate and whenever possible to eliminate from life provokers of attacks. Let`s allow also preventive reception of the preparations appointed by the doctor (if, for example, migraine is provoked by monthly - for several days before their approach).

For treatment of an attack are usually used: the anesthetizing preparations, vasodilating means, means for fight against nausea, proofreaders of arterial pressure, sometimes - soothing preparations, massage of the head, a hot-water bottle on interscapular area or mustard plasters.

Symptoms of secondary migraine - a strict unilaterality of attacks, emergence after 50 years and presence additional corporal (neck pains) or neurologic (for example, loss of the speech) symptoms. All these cases demand not only elimination of attacks, but also detailed medical inspection with the purpose to reveal a source of sufferings.

It is all summary about migraine, and all - a clear and lucid mind!]