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What gentleman of an award was only Semyon Budenny three times?

In system of the Soviet awards the special place were allocated for an honourable award weapon. To an award to such an extent rare that for all years of the Soviet power only 47 people became her owners.

After revolution for rewarding of the military personnel of Red army pieces of regimentals were originally used (you remember the well-known red riding breeches in the movie Officers ?) hours, cigarette cases, different types of the weapon, etc. Then in RSFSR the award of the Red Banner was founded, similar awards founded also other republics. As rewardings appeared much, the decision on establishment of a special award for the caused a stir persons of the senior command structure of RKKA was made.

Officially new award called Honourable revolutionary " weapon; it was founded by the decree of VTsIK of Councils of working, country, Cossack and Red Army deputies from April 8, 1920. However the first rewardings took place in 1919 when specially issued types of a cold weapon were received by four persons. The first the Presidium of VTsIK awarded with the Honourable revolutionary weapon for defeat of troops of Kolchak on East front of the Commander-in-chief by Armed forces of the Republic of S. S. Kamenev and the commander of Special group of the Southern front V. I. Shorin.

S. M. Budenny became the third gentleman of a new award. In the resolution of Presidium of VTsIK on rewarding were noted the enormous merits rendered to the Republic and Revolution by companion Semyon Mikhaylovich Budenny who showed at the head of the cavalry case special bravery, a wide initiative, energy and administrative ability on Youzhny and Hugo`s various sites - East fronts thanks to what the enemy cavalry under Mamontov and Shkuro`s team after a continuous number of successful fights was broken . And the award, by analogy with pre-revolutionary, was called The Gold military weapon with an award of the Red Banner on it .

The commander 5 - y army M. N. Tukhachevsky who is marked out by the revolutionary weapon for defeat of troops of Kolchak and capture of Omsk became the fourth winner.

In 1920 the new award was received by the famous military leaders of Red army I. P. Uborevich, to M. V. Frunza, K. E. Voroshilov, F. K. Mironov, A. I. Kork, N. D. Kashirin, S. K. Tymoshenko.

1921 when the first and only rewarding with Honourable revolutionary firearms of Kamenev and Budenny who already had an award cold weapon took place is curious concerning rewardings. The gun " became an award for them; Mauser to which handle the award sign was attached. The cold weapon with an award of the Red Banner this year awarded 7 people, but their surnames, except G. I. Kotovsky and A. I. Egorov, are known only to military historians. Generally it were commanders of divisions which then got to millstones of repressions.

In 1922 the last rewarding with the Honourable revolutionary RSFSR weapon which gentleman was I. S. Kutyakov who shared lot of many gentlemen of this award in 1938 was made.

With formation of the Soviet Union the resolution of Presidium of the Central Election Commission of the USSR which approved the Honourable revolutionary weapon as the highest all-Union award, which " was accepted; it is awarded for the special fighting differences rendered by the highest commanding figures in field army . After that only one rewarding took place. In 1930 the saber with an award of the Red Banner was handed to S. S. Vostretsov for difference at elimination of the conflict on Chinese - East railroad .

The rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union was soon founded, and the Honourable revolutionary weapon ceased to be handed though it is abolished and was not.

In 1968 the award weapon was revived, but already in other look. Due to the preparation for celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet Armed Forces the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR founded the Honourable weapon with the gold image of the State Emblem of the USSR. That year this honorary reward was received by 25 people: Marshals of the Soviet Union And. X. Bagramyan, S. M. Budenny, A. M. Vasilevsky, K. E. Voroshilov, F. I. Golikov, A. A. Grechko, A. I. Eremenko, G. K. Zhukov, M. V. Zakharov, I. S. Konev, N. I. Krylov, K. A. Meretskov, K. S. Moskalenko, K. K. Rokossovsky, V. D. Sokolovsky, S. K. Tymoshenko, V. I. Chuykov, I. I. Yakubovsky, Admiral of Fleet of the Soviet Union S. G. Pots, generals P. I. Batov, A. L. Getman, A. V. Gorbatov, D. D. Lelyushenko, I. V. Tyulenev, the general - the colonel of technical troops P. A. Kabanov.

Among them three persons were already gentlemen of an award weapon. Voroshilov and Tymoshenko became owners of two honourable sabers, and Budenny became the only owner of all three types of an award weapon in the country - two checkers and a Mauser.

The last delivery of such award took place in 1976 when the Honourable weapon with the gold image of the State Emblem of the USSR was received by L. I. Brezhnev.

Now in Russia specially founded award weapon is not included into system of the state awards. But it is provided rewarding of citizens of the Russian Federation with a civil, military short-barreled person-portable small and cold weapon . Such rewarding can be made by the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation or heads of the state militarized organizations. The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 5, 2005 No. 718 defined all types, types, models of a military short-barreled person-portable small and cold weapon which can be used for rewarding. This list includes 14 guns, including the revolver of the Revolver system and well-known TT and also different types of a cold weapon, including antiquarian. So quite perhaps official rewarding of our contemporary with the pre-revolutionary general gold weapon with diamonds or the St. George`s Weapon with the inscription For bravery .]