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To whom to tell thanks for the Victory? Veterans near us

Visiting veterans, we, school students, firsthand we learn many interesting facts of what happened on our earth in days of the Great Patriotic War. The story everyone being at war is a page of history, the page of the book about an immortal feat of the people.

The veteran of the Great Patriotic War Mikhail Emelyanovich Gnetulya was the interesting interlocutor. The order and a cosiness reigns in its small lodge, and the owner differs in special hospitality and hospitality.

At our meeting he told that he was born in 1923 - m to year in Harkovshchina, ended 7 classes and one-and-a-half-year courses of technicians - inventarizator. In 1943 - the m was called to year on the front.

The twenty-year-old liberator of the native earth from German - fascist aggressors participated in fights near Zhytomyr, Krakow. In March, 1945 - go years in Czechoslovakia Mikhail Emelyanovich was wounded and sent to hospital to Lviv, and then to Novoshakhtinsk. There our veteran also met day of the Great Victory.

Mikhail Emelyanovich remembered this bright and joyful event more than 60 - summer prescription, I tried to present that May long-awaited day, those emotions which overflowed all Soviet people. It is not surprising that happiness tears were involuntarily rolled on their eyes that even absolutely strangers congratulated and embraced each other.

After war Mikhail Emelyanovich continued service in a cavalry squadron in Novocherkassk of the Rostov region. When it happened to return to native Harkovshchina, the picture of what was seen strongly impressed it. The hometown was destroyed and plundered by Germans. Mother lived in the railway box, the younger brother and the sister - in orphanage, the father died at the front

Together with the friend - the colleague Mikhail Emelyanovich went to Belarus, to the village of Pebble then of Holopenichsky district. Here he got a job the inspector in the state insurance agency. Soon married and moved to Krupki where worked before retirement in the Krupsky state insurance.

With the wife Anna Vasilyevna who, unfortunately, did not become four years ago they grew up remarkable and careful children. The son Alexander Mikhaylovich works as the engineer at the " airport now; Minsk - 1 . The daughter Polina Mikhaelovna - the technologist at regional station of blood transfusion. Parents taught them that the person since young years has to serve the homeland, work honestly and honestly for its benefit, respect the senior generation.

It Mikhail Emelyanovich wishes to see the younger generation. And the word of the veteran who in the years of war risked the life for the sake of today`s peace sky has to be for us the law.

And we, today`s youth, with gratitude speak: Low bow to you, grandfathers, and thanks for the Great Victory! .]