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Rawism, separate or good nutrition: what to prefer?

, as we know, a lot of attention is paid to a food Problem now. Whether we meet at dinner the girlfriend whether we discuss business matters, whether we gather with a family for holidays - food anyway makes an integral part of our everyday life. It plays an important role in formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Once Mark Twain told: The Secret of vital success partly consists that it is necessary to eat everything what is wanted and then to give to food an opportunity to lead up fight in a stomach to the bitter end . Today we understand that the similar philosophy can be very dangerous both for our organism, and for a figure. Give preference in a pursuit of the ideal weight of one to vegetarianism, others incline to separate food, and the third prefer a rawism. Researchers continue to conduct discussions about merits and demerits of each of these types

supporters Peculiar understand process of digestion of so-called of separate food . They recognize from the fact that for digestion of each of foodstuff, for example, of meat, potatoes, cheese, the chemical environment is necessary. At their simultaneous eating processes of digestion of various nutrients as if interfere with each other and happen is incomplete therefore toxic substances are formed. And therefore various food (meat, vegetables, dairy products, etc.) it is necessary to eat separately.

Opponents of this theory consider similar approach as the worst delusion. They prove the point of view as follows. The digestive tract of the person is adapted for the mixed food. In process of passing through a stomach and then intestines all enzymes are emitted there in common, and each enzyme finds the object. No chemical disagreement between them happens. On the contrary, all of them work at the same time as the uniform mechanism.

In the nature the products containing only one class of nutrients practically do not meet. For example, in bread proteins and carbohydrates, in bean - proteins, fats and carbohydrates etc. Then are combined that ideally separate food is simply impossible, besides it is not useful. The same who get used to separate food over time as a result happens very difficult, and sometimes it is just impossible to return to full meal. It occurs because at long separate food digestive glands do not receive the corresponding loading and weaken. In medicine the similar phenomenon is called inaction atrophy .

Those who inclines to rawism also should be on the lookout. It is enough to remember the fact that all digestive device of the modern person is adapted for food by products after their culinary processing. And syroyeda avoid thermal treatment of products and eat natural crude vegetable food.

Really, one foodstuff is more nutritious than others, but it is impossible to tell about one of them that it is bad or good in itself or in general is deprived of any nutritional value. The human body needs more than 40 irreplaceable nutritious elements with which it is not able to provide itself(himself). And, respectively, the diet which is chosen by one person can be not really suitable for another therefore similar unauthorized experiments can be dangerous to your organism.

If you are in a forceful mood to pass to separate food, a rawism or some other way, weigh everything for and against consult previously to experts and do it under supervision of the dietitian. Finally I want to remind all admirers of diets and experiments with own figure the gold words told once by A. P. Chekhov: Having risen from - for a table hungry, you gorged on; if you get up having gorged on - you overate; if you get up overeaten - you got poisoned . In my opinion, following this simple rule, it is possible to adhere easily to a balanced diet and to live in harmony with the organism and a body weight!

Good luck! Love yourself and appreciate life! ]