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Lactation. What problems arise?

Are in the nature a sign sacred and prophetic,

Brightly designated in centuries:

the finest of women -

the Woman with the child on hands

At a view of the woman with the child involuntarily appears a smile. The motherhood is the most great happiness with which the nature awarded the woman. She thought over everything, to trifles! Mother can provide the kid to all necessary, in the first days of life the kid more than ever needs care, caress, presence of mother. For good nutrition the child needs maternal milk. Production of milk (lactation) - not such simple process as it seems at first sight.

1. Be not nervous. the Lactation is closely connected with a psychological state of the woman. It is necessary to adjust itself on what you will nurse. Inspire in yourself that maternal milk - the most important for the kid. It not only will provide with the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, but also will allow to develop good immunity. Mother gives with milk immune antibodies, and also happiness hormones which are developed at contact of mother with the kid. You remember one: the most important - the child, his health and a state, but not the one who and when washed - did not wash the dishes put socks back or not. Concentrate on the state. Take the kid on hands more often, press him to a breast, and you will feel milk inflow, it can be followed by easy feeling of a pricking.

2. Eat properly . All substances which you use get to milk. Adhere to a laktatsionny diet, exclude salty, peppered, products with a strong smell (garlic), smoked products, coffee, chocolate, a citrus. Eat milk porridges, soups, meat (best of all boiled), cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk. Whole milk it is worth using no more floor - liter a day. Apples it is the is best of all baked, red apples it is necessary to clear of a peel, it contains substances which can cause an allergy in the kid. Strongly do not lean on food, the amount of the produced milk depends on it a little. Drink hot tea with milk, waters, broth of seeds of fennel more, you show consideration for juice. Apple juice has to be from green grades of apples, grape can cause an abdominal distension, citrus it is better not to drink. I think that about alcohol and tobacco and it is so clear --!

3. Hygiene . Surely look after a breast, grease nipples with cream from cracks on the basis of lanolin. Feel a breast, there should be no lumps that speaks about stagnation of milk which can be fraught with development of mastitis. To decant or not to decant milk, up to the end it is not found out. At some women who are not decanted a lot of milk is produced, and at others the quantity does not increase even at decantation. If you feed the child on demand, that is put him to a breast as soon as he begins to cry, then, most likely, you will do without decantation. If the baby often cries, reflect: milk can not be enough for it, consider how many wet diapers you change within a day.

If you have not enough milk, it does not say that it is necessary to transfer completely the child to artificial nutrition, all the same put the baby to a breast and when you feel that he already ate everything, right there, at a breast, finish feeding from a spoon or special adaptation, not through a pacifier. Nothing to you will replace such close psychological contact with your kid, as when feeding.

And at last if nevertheless it is not enough milk, be not upset, there are means for increase in its quantity. I, unfortunately, fed the kid only five months as said to me that in the course of a lactation an important role is played by heredity, is so-called dairy women at whom a lot of milk is produced and are not dairy which should finish feeding the kids as it is not enough maternal milk. And I believed because my mother had no milk in general, and at me it was very little. For food the baby lacked it, of course, but it was the miracle way of calm of the kid. As soon as he began to cry and be capricious, he right there received a mother`s breast and fell asleep almost instantly. Well also stopped feeding in five months because the local pediatrician ordered not to torment the child with hunger...

Work on improvement of a lactation. Regularly do massage of a breast, the easy movements stroke in the direction from the breast basis to a nipple. Taking a shower, rinse a breast with warm water. Consult to doctors, to consultants for breastfeeding, now there are preparations of a natural origin for improvement of a lactation (such as Apilak ) there are herbs improving production of milk. Be not nervous, keep calm, adjust yourself on the necessary harmony, smile more often.

Healthy to you children and lactation no problem!]