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What is the rat dangerous by and as to struggle with her?

of Ryatuyte! Ratatouille!

Nice Remy from an animated cartoon " Ratatouille; with facts of life has nothing in common: the rat can seriously do much harm to the person even if he lives in the multi-storey building. How? Very simply. Population of rats lives in your cellar, on a musornik, at the cluttered-up entrance, a shed. Stories of residents of the first are frequent (and not only) floors how rats under a floor stamp, gnaw, peep, moreover - get out through a toilet bowl.

Even if you will not begin to stammer after that, easily can receive for the rest of the natural a toilet phobia. But there is more to come: the rat can be infected with infectious diseases, dangerous to the person: leptospirosis, a tulyaremiya, ersiniozy - only about 70 diseases. By the way, on rat concepts, shops, food warehouses and food shops - in comparison with human housing, as China and Belgium. Therefore unless it is possible to be sure for all hundred percent that on products which we buy cheerful ratatouille with a scaly tail did not run and did not take a bite in some places.

The mankind calls the war against rodents deratization. This term has the French origin and literally means obeskrysivaniye (ratus - the patrimonial name of rats). By the way, if you do not know, the Ukrainian word to a ryatuyta means rescue . And fratsuzsky " ratatouille; - vegetable stew. Prostorechno - his vulgar synonyms - a nonsense, a skilly, a grub.

The planet of rats

In the east the rat symbolizes wealth, wisdom, prosperity and fertility, and its image especially positive there. In the West treat this rodent cautiously and fastidiousness. For creation of a negative image there were enough several terrible epidemics of plague, strong connected in consciousness with her messenger - a rat. What only the national rumor of rats did not accuse of! They both foretell death, and troubles send, and evil spirits in them are allegedly installed...

Let`s remove mysticism aside and we will look at rats from the point of view of science. In family of mouse-like there are most of all species of mammals known today - about 1700! So still it is unknown who here on the planet main. On average about two rats are the share of each person. From time immemorial till today of people conducts with them uncompromising struggle which duration pushes on a conclusion that the person and a rat - equal opponents.

To get rid of rats and mice, it is necessary to get a young, healthy cat... (Selma Lagerlof).

Unfortunately, in practice it is possible to take this advice not always. In - the first, not any cat, even rather young and very healthy, takes rats (the national rumor claims that cats), and in - the second are capable of it generally if there is a lot of rats as in the Glimmingensky lock, there will be not enough one cat. A pipe - a way which Niels used, in general from area of a fantasy though the ultrasonic devices similar in action to a pipe exist. They affect subconsciousness of animals, causing in them sensation of fear and unwillingness to breed. However, not all such devices on a pocket: from 50 to 150 dollars

All know that rats are recognized intellectuals of fauna, all of them perfectly understand and remember: two times do not step on the same rake. Besides, they terribly prolific and very quickly get used to all preparations which they are poisoned (apparently, including them with spices), or do not eat in general. If in time not to begin fight against rats, they become much, even too.

I will give two effective grandmother`s ways. Whether you know that in the house which is built up on the place burned down, within several years of a mouse and a rat are not got? Not because superstitious, to this fact there is a scientific explanation. After the fire there are ashes. It has an alkaline reaction and therefore it irritates pads and an oral cavity of animals. Strew fell houses, floors in a dry cellar and in domestic constructions by small crushed wood ashes at the rate of one bucket on 5 square meters.

One more old checked way, too environmentally friendly. However, not such humane, as the first. If you the grinpisovsky activist, he does not suit you. If you just humane person and a rat nevertheless it is a pity, it is possible to try to present how your young daughter, coming back home in the evening, incidentally steps on a tail to the rat who is peacefully eating up a stone which was thrown in the afternoon by a dog... To a rat it is painful, she bites... Presented?

Now read surely: it is necessary to progotovit mix from flour and construction plaster in the ratio 1:1, to fill in a plateau approximately of a half-glass and nearby to put water. The bait has a pleasant smell and does not cause suspicions. When the rodent eats and will wash down, mix will grab at him in a stomach and he will die from an indigestion. If next day you put a new poison, and it will be untouched, so rats - the pioneer, writhing from pain, managed to reach the relatives and told how this white death looks.

It is considered that it is impossible to destroy rats for 100%. In 1990 criteria of deratization were entered and the admissible percent of the square freed from rodents is designated: 80% - are satisfactory, 90% - are good, 95% - are very good, 100% - the territory for life is unsuitable (joke). So the deratization purpose - to establish and support a quality indicator of admissible level of number at which there will be no claims from the person. Its maintenance - quite in our power. As it is banal sounds: purity - really guarantee of health. It is noticed: the standard of living and household culture in this or that district are higher, the it is less than rats there and life is safer.]