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Time word, two word How to learn it is beautiful to speak? Exorcise

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our movie stars, leaders and politicians, and even when you do not see them, at once a certain picture arises in the head. What it is connected with? With last experience, with our priorities and preferences, with our attitude. Remember how time at tiresome lecture or a lesson was long played. The teacher monotonously gives material, and assimilation - 10%. Perhaps he is an excellent expert in this area, but here the teacher - on a troyechka. There are no emotions, there is no beauty of information transfer and the audience begins to be discharged. Remember long and boring meetings. Theft of our life, our time, though worker. In all the given examples the same error of behavior - undeveloped oratorical abilities. Now everyone needs to own it - from the president to the housewife. Of course, it is important WHAT is told by the person, but it is even more important - AS he does it.

Very much I love Edward Radzinsky as the author, I become engrossed in reading of his books. But in transfers its high pitched voice causes resistant antipathy in me. The perception of information from his lips for me comes to an end in the twentieth minute. It with my concentration of attention! I admire mind and Mikhail Veller`s courage, but as the speaker it causes sympathy in me. Haste of comments and a bezappelyatsionnost nullifies all its efforts. Airs and graces and glamor of the speech of Renata Litvinova not for nothing become a subject of parodies.

Whether it is possible to learn to suggest the thought beautifully? Naturally! Any skill develops, there would be a desire. Ability to convince the interlocutor, to make weak argument stronger - teach all this at schools of eloquence and rhetoric. But each of us will be able independently to make it.

I took myself long ago for the rule to learn at least one new word a day. I will hear or will read somewhere the word unknown to me - at once in Wikipedia or in the Explanatory dictionary. And if still I find pictures of this concept of Yandex - the new word is strongly included into a lexicon. Always I recommend to do it and to the pupils. Especially on special concepts of their branch. Here - that they have to be experts! And to own a professional slang and the basic concepts on five with plus. Silly the expert who does not know industry words looks.

Emotional coloring of the speech is also not less important. Change of intonations, allocation by voice of the main ideas and support of the speech by fine gestures will play a role. You will be remembered, estimated. Why people often are afraid of audience? Uncertainty in the behavior, in the performance, fear of attacks of opponents. What in this case can be advised? To begin to write the pass - performances, to fulfill them in front of the mirror and before relatives and dear people. You ask the floor at meetings and meetings more often. Undertake a role of the speaker when it is required to prepare performance from your division. In a friendly feast practise in pronouncing beautiful toasts. Both the confidence will come, and the authority will come. Not for nothing say that at first you work for authority, then it for you.

Try the same poem or a fragment to read from the book by different voices - business, playful, intimate, gentle, rough etc. Give different coloring and you will see as the same text induces to absolutely opposite actions. Play this game with children. Good experience of mastering oratorical skill. What pictures arise when reading this text different intonations? What most of all from these pictures was pleasant? Why? Magnificent exercise machine.

Very much promotes ability development to act beautifully record of the speech and then its listening. Helps enormously! At first you hear some others voice. We always hear the voice from within, it at all not that which is perceived by people around. Then you begin to estimate and accurately hear the mistakes. Stutter, repetition, filler words, the drawled phrases. As quickly we notice them at others. Hasty speech or, on the contrary, slow and viscous, as syrup Listen to great speakers, analyze their performance and try to define what does them by outstanding speakers. Think why Demosfen living B.C. and remained in the history the great speaker. And initially he was a tongue-tied stutterer, burred and pulled a shoulder Constant dropping will wear away a stone!

Often we say that the person is charming. Appearance, manners, culture and, of course, the speech - all this also does together to that of the interlocutor pleasant to us. Of course, it is pleasant to whom to communicate with the stutterer. It is an illness, it is treated. But to listen it speaker - flour. He causes compassion, teaches us to patience. And communication with the choleric person who begins to tap of you on the shoulder, to twist your buttons and to laugh loudly, at conversation splashing saliva on couple of meters around It is not a caricature. Drawing from nature. The day before yesterday I had a meeting with such client. Regular guy such. Without thinking about surrounding. Look around. How many people still are not able to speak beautifully, figuratively. Scarcity of the speech and a limited circle of contacts - as result.

Develop the verbalika, eloquence and, maybe, the world finds one more super out soon - the speaker with magnetic charisma!]