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How thieves - burglars get into apartments?

Everything that is acquired by back-breaking toil citizens very often leave unguarded. What to do, our life is so arranged. In the morning in the apartment a crowd, all try to execute quicker hygienic procedures, to have breakfast and, as always being late, to jerk for work or study. In the evening slowly we come back. But in the afternoon at entrances silence, than usually ubiquitous burglars also use.

Locks from honest people - the correct saying says. In principle, any can be cracked. But not to leave a door wide open. Here it is also necessary to trust a metal thingummy which does not bark and does not bite, but in the house does not let .

It does not let not to start up - that, but here opportunities it, it appears, are very limited. For example, ordinary push-button " lock; ably with a semicircular key. From those that in the main weight self-slamming replaced and work (are locked) if, leaving the house to press the cylinder. It miracle it is capable to resist to the burglar of seconds 20, and then obediently is given.

In principle, the design is not so bad. But, as usual, pumped up on the average - simply - the reduced the price production of goods national consumption . And on serious model from the strong titan with the upgraded cylinder not everyone hurries to fork up. We wait for a rooster who can peck at any time.

Malefactors use the usual alligator wrench or a strong semicircular core reminding in a form a key from the lock. On our consumer goods and forces - that the person should not be applied: slightly pressed - and the cylinder case manufactured with use of powder technology bursts.

Level locks - too not rescue, though is more reliable. The drill with a drill of big diameter helps to reach the mechanism. Farther for pro difficulties come to an end.

Some consider that if from within the apartment to leave a key in the lock, then outside to open a door it will not turn out. The legend is fresh. Using cunning adaptation, the key can be taken through a keyhole, to turn and open the lock.

In the absence of the owner the bayonet lock is easily opened if the thief in advance grazes apartment. Glue or even chewing gum helps. Sticky weight is pushed in a keyhole. Leaving, the owner locks a door the key, but pins cannot return on the place any more, and now the lock can be opened though the screw-driver.

The skilled thief is capable even to make the copy of a key, without disassembling the lock and without holding the original. But it is already the exotic which is found very seldom in view of the fact that the way is extremely difficult and demands not only skills, but also enough time. Are more often applied traditional methods, drilling and provorachivaniye of the cylinder.

However, approximately in half of all burglaries nobody needed to break locks. Honest the pilferer uses usual carelessness and gets into the apartment through open window leaves, windows and doors. And if opens the lock, then only with the key which is carefully left by owners under a rug or in a mailbox.

Separate category - notorious social workers employees ZHESOV fortunetellers, and so forth Pisano about them repeatedly, but professions prosper still.

In conclusion council, as to the soldier - the yearling: be vigilant. You do not stint locks and the alarm system, you are on friendly terms with neighbors. Good luck.]