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How to find happiness formula?

All our world - not world of unhappy people. People, with all external attributes of happiness, in a beautiful festive wrapper, with all signs that has to be wellbeing - that for the vast majority is synonymous to happiness.

the World well and fashionably the dressed women, with expensive manicure, a fashionable hairdress and talk on that, who, how many and as . The world of men successful by sight, in expensive suits, by abrupt cars with talk on affairs, money and own importance. The world simple, clear, to the profane person inspiring healthy envy.

Cause to the chief. Warn: The Chief not in the spirit of, so - train a waist, do not forget to cave in . And it is unimportant who with the truth and who is not. Immemorial formula I am a chief, you are a fool despite primitivism and not significant smiles of clever men, belongs to happiness formulas too. That worker whose chief is happy is happy. And respectively, that worker whose chief is unhappy is unhappy. As clear as a day.

- Ivanov, go on city outlets. Here you are 4 hours old. Visit ten shops, learn the prices of production interesting us. Meet owners. Offer our production. Show our samples, our prices.

- But, Ivan Ivanych, 4 hours - are not enough - discontentedly shut me a mouth, and I shut up as I from three years` practice well acquired that it is better to nod, express the full consent with policy of the high and wise administration, to deceive - to cheat him, than to tell that you think. The truth lover - always the fool, to regret. But not the little fool. The little fool has all makings to become the lucky person.

Time given me will be enough only for that though somehow to be prepared: to reveal some of these outlets interesting us, to arrange a meeting, not to get to a lunch break and rush hour, to reach them by

In two hours of efforts, despite youthful speed, I manage to ring out only which - whom from our experimental: from ten respondents only two can interest us, but also they are on the different ends of the city.

I slowly walk between the dense, covered with stuff ranks of the main shopping center. At this time all halls of a polupusta. Buyers and sellers are impressive and full of the advantage as if proud peacocks.

Superabundance of bright and fashionable rags, zhelezochek, steklyashechek continually, the stylish bodies and the persons " which are haughty looking from each corner and the intersection; from quasi Gucci, Armani, Franco Ferre dazzling light and fashionable music - all this forces many to feel new stars which it so waited for the world and to move to a step to music, fashion, the life.

Men from importance are inflated and stick out stomachs, is proud pacing as roosters on a poultry yard. Women, as on a podium, knock heels, showering a leg for a leg, and look haughtily a glass unseeing look.

Fat matrons with the well-fad children grandly float along merchant ranks with sausage, a bird, meat. The disheveled teenagers with earphones in ears and piercing in noses hang out at racks with compacts and mobile phones.

At kubikl - trade places - our vseizvestny love to inostranizm: sit, as a rule, fancy the vanities which are well fitting into this fair, the pomaded maidens with the freezed look fitted from heels to the top, melirovanny aunts, tolstenky men. All are full of advantage, are serious, know the own worth.

Me it is uncomfortable on this holiday of wordly life. All signs of unhappiness. I continually look for human faces with a smile habitual to me, an intelligent look, various emotions, but not masks. When I manage to find in crowd such person (usually it is modestly dressed women aged, children from the province, on - to the worker the dressed men), at heart becomes lighter, I feel that consumerism yet not absolutely won, and around there are people, immune to this race of consumption.

What there is happiness? To understand a word meaning, it is necessary to understand word etymology for a start. Happiness - means, with part that is with a piece. For one - with a piece of sausage, for others - with a piece spiritual food. Whether and still, you see, with the apartment in the downtown, with car of a latest model, with good money, even good luck in heart - the person persistently, contrary to the happiness, remains unfortunate. Tries very much - even more, the piece is better, and happiness as that butterfly - while you chase her, flits around you and in hands is not given.

And still I opened for myself one of happiness formulas. Main. Banal. All clear. However, still Chinese spoke about it: happiness is a harmony inside and outside. The world with the world surrounding you. Acceptance of what surrounds you as it is. It is simple to eat. Besides your will. Besides, whether you like it or not. Without criticism. Without discontent. As happiness formula in the God`s Word: Be mild, like innocent persons .

Try to accept this world as it is. With its imperfections. With his immemorial fools and bad roads. With silly chiefs, the breaking cars, the grumbling wives, children - poor students. With its cataclysms. With its wars.

You do not hurry with claims. The world is obliged to you by nothing. He is not obliged to you to be pleasant . It is not obliged to be solar, joyful, safe. Just by nothing to you it is obliged.

Read these words. Try to comprehend them. And already from it you will feel easy inflow of happiness. The butterfly - happiness is ready to sit down to you on a shoulder.

The misfortune never happens from God. Misfortune human - always from people. All misfortunes in this world - only from people. Nobody and never - neither a tree, nor a stone, nor a rain, nor even the flood or an earthquake, will make you unfortunate. Yes, they can deprive of you a dream and food, even to cripple or kill, but will not make you unfortunate.

Unfortunate only your ungrateful children, the wife who threw you, the chief - the petty tyrant can make you. The friends who betrayed you. And just people around. People.

I go to work. Well and that that chief does not understand - I will allow it to hear that he wants. I will make it a little happier. He is a person too. Having made happy him, I, thereby, will make and am a little happier than myself. Because everything that I give - mine . So that`s that.