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History of development of search engines

In an initial stage of development the Internet, number of its users it was small, and the volume of available information rather small. In most cases to the Internet the staff of various universities and laboratories had access, and in general the Network was used in the scientific purposes. At this time the problem of information search on the Internet was far not so much actual as now.

Creation of catalogs of the websites in which references to resources were grouped according to subject became one of the first ways of the organization of access to information resources of a network. The website of Yahoo which opened in April, 1994 became the first such project. After the number of the websites in the catalog of Yahoo considerably increased, the feature for information search in the catalog was added. It, of course, was not a search engine in full sense as the area of search was limited only to the resources which are present at the catalog, but not all resources of the Internet.

Reference catalogs were widely used earlier, but practically lost the popularity now. The reason of it is very simple - even the modern catalogs containing a huge number of resources provide information only on very small part of the Internet. The biggest catalog of the DMOZ network (or Open Directory Project) contains information on 5 million resources while the base of a Google search engine consists from more than 8 billion documents.

The WebCrawler project which appeared in 1994 became the first full-fledged search engine.

In 1995 the search engines Lycos and AltaVista appeared. The last for many years was a leader in the field of information search in the Internet.

In 1997 Sergej Brin and Larry Page created Google within the research project at Stanford University. At the moment Google the most popular search engine in the world.

On September 23, 1997 the Yandex search engine, the most popular in Russian-speaking part the Internet was officially announced.

Now there are 3 main international search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN Search having own bases and algorithms of search. The majority of other search engines (which it is possible to count much) uses results of 3 listed in this or that look. For example, search of AOL (search. aol. com) and Mail. ru use base of Google, and AltaVista, Lycos and AllTheWeb - base of Yahoo.

In Russia the main search engine is Yandex, it is followed by Rambler, Google. ru, Aport, Mail. ru and KM. ru.]