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Than the country of Soul and Sun bewitches? The necklace from mountain pearls of

If to you happens to visit Abkhazia, then it is necessary to go above to mountains. The word of honor, you will not regret!

In - the first, the Caucasus Mountains are something fantastic. So they are unusual, are not similar on Ural, Siberian or Far East at all.

Very tall peaks are lost in down clouds, meet slopes by boiling of greens. Even air, apparently, accepts color of bright foliage. Yews and boxes, oaks and chestnuts, beeches and numerous lianas are densely weaved among themselves.

In - the second, mountain lakes have a unique charm. Big and small, round and extended, the pleasure is simple to bathe them. And, of course, tapes of the Caucasian serpentine in itself. The road that breaks through the narrow gorge and rocks which hung over Sashina, escapes on a scope. When under you hundreds of meters of break, adrenaline just boil in blood. But and beauty indescribable.

- So, now we drive in a tunnel, - our guide comments on a trip, - do not forget to clap to the driver!

Inside of the bus is filled with loud cottons and whistle. In total. Again left on light.

- And you know what you applauded now to? - Sergey continues. - To the fact that our driver got to a tunnel from the first!

- Yes, when will be terrible next time, - the driver supports, - close eyes As it is always done by me!

Similar jokes on the Caucasian roads are frequent and have under themselves a real basis. Serpentines are so abrupt, and roads so narrow that, apparently, only by miracle drivers manage to take all to the destination live.

There are in mountain Abkhazia two curious falls. One is called Maiden tears another - Man`s tears . On a legend, davny - long ago in these parts there lived the family in which there was a daughter - the beauty. She went to the valley of a mouth of goats and sang songs to the beloved. But once the jealous mermaid lifted the girl on the rock to dump it down. Bitterly the beauty Amra began to cry. Her maiden tears began to flow on the rock and reached the river. God of water rose by a call for help from the river. Terribly he called to the envious mermaid. Also it was turned for fear to stone. But in memory of Amra`s rescue still exude from - under rocks springs...

And loved Amra, Adgur, hunting in mountains at this time, suddenly felt pain in heart. He understood that some misfortune threatens his darling and that it cannot help her. Avaricious tears of the soldier fell to a stone...

- But on most - that business the Abkhazian men never cry, - Sergey adds the contribution to a legend. - Well, or almost never. Here and these falls for 30 percent consist of alcohol, on 70 of a cucumber brine, only one avaricious teardrop there Because alcohol reached a limit, - the guide sums up.

In a word, Abkhazia, its nature, warm clean sea and people so deeply sink down in soul that, leaving the republic, you swear to yourself - the next year I will surely return here! And let there household disorder, only with great reserve it is possible to call the prices low, constant fear that you will get to the Georgian`s zone - the Abkhazian armed conflict, pluses all the same outweigh.

Touching houses of the photo, remembering places which visited, you realize that Apsna is and really the country of soul and sun. And next year it is necessary to return to this wonderful region.]