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Than the country of Soul and Sun bewitches? The apostolic earth of

Abkhazia is rather blessed place. In its territory two apostles - Andrew the First-Called and Simon Kanannit preached the Christ`s Word (Zilot) at once.

At first they stopped in the city of Sevasta (nowadays Sukhumi), then the apostle Andrey went to preach along the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, and the apostle Simon lodged in the cave located in the gorge of the river of Psyrtskh.

Simone created a set of signs and wonders here. Including, proving omnipotence of the Lord preached by it the apostle left a mark of the leg on a stone. To this day to this stone with deepening in the form of foot of the person people come: someone - to see Bozhiye`s miracle with own eyes and to touch prayerfully it; someone - to make a wish as advises a local belief. Near a stone there is a sacred source, according to the legend, appeared in the 1st century. Water in it so pure and fresh that and there is a wish to tell - live.

At the beginning of the 19th century in Abkhazia revival of Orthodoxy began, and in 1875 it was based It is new - Athos Simoneau - the Kananitsky monastery.

The place where the man`s monastery, really surprising is located. On the one hand it is closed by powerful ridges of the Caucasus Mountains, with another - the steep slope which is going down to the Black Sea. It is difficult to present what works demanded from monks to level the platform, to bring and deliver construction material.

However, according to legends, stones on construction of the monastery collected by the whole world and very original image. From the bottom of the settlement New Athos to the mountain where the complex had to settle down, is conducted by the road. Length of its order is two kilometers. And here each of persons interested be cleared had to do this way on a lap, bearing with himself a stone which size, on internal belief of the person, would correspond to his sins. Not without reason this road is called way of sinners . As a result very quickly the decent heap of stones grew by a grief, and monks started construction.

It is difficult to believe, observing from outside that it buildings of the man`s monastery. The architecture suits the palace of the maharaja more. Intricate towers and turrets, bright paint on walls, graceful palm trees and cypresses between which cows thoughtfully walk. But it is the most real orthodox monastery, with the temple, a chapel, the molal cells. And if outside of the audience beauty and grace of constructions fascinates, then the internal list of the temple causes feeling of awe. The severe, but understanding faces of aged men, apparently, look in your soul, reading everything to the last line there.

And right there, near It is new - the Athos monastery, there is one more of sights of the republic of Apsna - the New Athos cave. By the sizes it enters the five of the largest caves of the world. And not so much from - for extents, how many from - for the sizes of grottoes.

In work the cave was started in 1975. Then for convenience of tourists tunnels on which small trains run to this day were driven. They bring people to the main chain of halls and then take out them back upward. In order that visitors could see better and are fuller feel beauty of a multimillion stronghold, in halls artificial illumination is established and music sounds.

Show, certainly, impressive. However, in my opinion, a look of the cave explorer - the fan, a similar embellishment and an earning by a nature miracle - a thing in itself criminal. The matter is that lyuboyekolebany, any sounds and temperature increase bear to a cave death. And whether it was worth New Athos being born two million years ago that in present time to be bent within several decades. Already now walls of grottoes, a unique karst natechka which, including, also brought to a cave glory of the amazing place are corroded by a moss.

In general feeling from an underground cavity a little double. On the one hand, this actually surprisingly beautiful and powerful place. Huge halls go to height on tens of meters, their walls are lost in darkness, even illumination is not able to cope with scope. Stalactites and stalagmites strike with absolutely fantastic forms. The huge lion who showed a mouth sat down on hemp, here the monkey stretched in a grin of companies, and the multimeter falls which stiffened in a stone by

And still, nevertheless, the first that occurs are overthrown there: after visit of this cave Iyeronim Bosch began to write the terrible cloths. The scenes of infernal creations and tortures of sinners which recovered in a dreadful dream of a gargoyley, became swollen skulls, terrible ghosts and laughing loudly monsters - in New Athos it is enough similar faces. And, frankly speaking, impression of a cave a little heavy.

I do not know, perhaps, such apocalyptical sculptures not for nothing appeared underground. Perhaps, New Athos had a presentiment of the death and thus tried to inform people what torments it suffers now...

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