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Than the country of Soul and Sun bewitches? Post-war ruins of

The matter is that, according to the fixed borders, Abkhazia was it is presented Georgia. In the same way as Nikita Khrushchev joyfully gave the Crimea to Ukraine, and Joseph Stalin moved the country of Soul on the alien territory.

However Abkhazians who cast in the lot with Russia in the 19th century were extremely dissatisfied with such turn of events and at the end of 80 - x years declared the desire to leave structure of Georgia and to be a part of Russia, as well as was before (eventually they managed it, but how many efforts and the victims costed!) .

As it is simple to guess, the Georgian authorities, naturally, did not authorize it and began to pursue policy of expansion and ethnonationalism. As a result in 1992 in Abkhazia the first explosions rang out. Nearly one and a half years in the unrecognized republic there was the most real war. And only in October, 1993 - go explosions began to calm down gradually.

Almost all territory underwent firings. It was rather lucky only Gagra which is near the Russian border, and Georgia did not decide here on mass bombings. But got to Gudautsky and Galsky districts, Sukhumi, Pitsunda, the Kodorsky gorge.

In spite of the fact that after those sad events there passed nearly fifteen years, the considerable part of Abkhazia still lies in ruins. And in addition, for many years the republic was in economic blockade.

To admit, pass these places morally very hard. Nearly a half of houses in rural areas is abandoned. In some places on everyone 3 - 4 dead at home only one is necessary live. The broken-out, destroyed by bombing ladders and balconies, the broken roofs which ran wild tangerine gardens. In the cities it is possible to shoot military movies - the huge number of high-rise buildings is also considerably destroyed. Only the small part of apartments is engaged in many houses, the others are broken. A wall in hollows from bullets and shells, cars on streets, even in Sukhumi, it is not enough.

During military operations in Abkhazia many real heroes appeared. Also it is not only about those who up in arms protected the earth. A worthy example - personnel of one of the oldest in Eastern Europe of the Sukhumi botanical garden.

During firings it was destroyed four fifth all collections. And it were the most rare plants collected from around the world. Then years of blockade, chronic non-payments, lack of the electric power and so on followed. The most part of employees did not sustain and left in search of earnings, but the most devoted remained. They could keep unique trees and bushes, and thanks to their cares today the Botanical garden is still considered one of the best in Europe.

- Here a unique plant, Victoria - the regiya, - acquaints us the guide with the huge green plates which freely settled down in a pond is a subtropical flower. Diameter of its leaves reaches two meters, on it the five-year-old child easily keeps. Victoria very beautifully, however, blossoms to see it difficult. Bouton gets out of hand only in the evening, and by the morning is closed again. And it is pride of our garden - 250 - a summer Caucasian linden We approach

a huge tree which can clasp a trunk only, having joined hands, a chain of people of ten. A little farther, behind a barbed wire, one more tree. Modest if not to tell sickly. It appears, this extremely poisonous plant - having even taken a tree leaf in hands, it is possible to get serious poisoning.

Not far from the Botanical garden is Scientifically - the research institute of experimental pathology and therapy which more often is simply called by the Apery. This year to it 80 years were executed. Ancient ladders conduct upward, cozy shops are located on each platform, the delightful smell of a landyshevy tree accompanies us. But also here traces of war do not leave alone.

Near cages from which hands of hamadryads and monkeys in search of tasty last there are metal designs bent, singed by fire. Earlier it were open-air cages with monkeys too, but bombs got to them.

- And it is our veteran of war, - the attendant of nursery shows on a one-armed monkey. - To it a stray bullet killed a bone, it was necessary to amputate. But nothing, it at us strong, and so well on trees jumps

I so - where we would not come - everywhere reminders on war, talk that Abkhazia is a part of Russia everywhere.

And not without reason the first toast, and in culture of Abkhazians is very significant thing, lift for Togo Who gives us air, light, life it is the sea, this sun - for our God! . The second toast - for the world, for that there were nevermore wars. And the third toast - for the dead.