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Than the country of Soul and Sun bewitches? Apsna - Abkhazia Perhaps, the place which would not bear in itself a peculiar charm is difficult to find

on Earth.

There is severe beauty of the polar tundra and joyful blossoming of the Alpine meadows, sublime severity of mountain peaks and fascinating architecture of caves, ease and a scope of the kovylny steppe, strict courage of taiga tracks.

Not each place opens the secrets before the traveler at once, it is necessary to peer into some attentively before it is possible to feel and understand their charm. And still there are such regions with which the person falls in love at first sight. So they surround with good, light and friendliness.

Such region, in my opinion, is the small Caucasian Republic of Abkhazia. Apsna - call its local that means country of soul and sun .

the Country thousands of surprises

Surprises wait for tourists already on republic border. You should not forget that formally Abkhazia is a part of Georgia and consequently, between it and Russia there is a frontier which should be crossed through cabins of passport control.

We went to Apsny with excursion group. Point of sending - Sochi. Several kilometers on the city - and already control - check point.

- So, all attention not to lag behind me, - the Abkhazian guide Sergey loudly warns us. - Let`s go kitchen gardens so be not lost.

Cheerfully exchanging smiles, Russians moved behind it, sure that kitchen gardens - only figure of speech. As if not so! We also really approached the check point through some private lodges, beds and dumps. But so it turned out much quicker.

Passport control threw us into some confusion - pieces five cabins and huge turns in the fresh air. More precisely, on very hot air. But here noise, din, abuse, disputes you did not stand " here; there are behind, and we already in Abkhazia. The difference is noticeable at once, and not because the part of inscriptions is made in local language. Such impression that you returned to the beginning 90 - x years. The advertizing inscriptions painted by oil paint on booths, the Soviet cars and the honored veteran of vehicle fleet Ikarus instead of habitual " Mercedes; and " Suzuki;. But a huge number of the smiles turned to us, cheerful voices of the dealers inviting to buy products and a domestic wine, obligatory in the Caucasus.

Poverty if not poverty, appears at every turn, and at the same time notable confidence of Abkhazians that everything will be adjusted. That if to suffer a little and to work more, then normal life will begin soon. You should not forget that at the beginning of 90 - x years on the republic destructive war swept, then were for many years economic blockade and now there it is not always quiet....

However, about this sad story a little later. For now the bus is lucky us on the picturesque road to the well-known Gagra.

On the right, the garnet and tangerine trees covered with fruits flash at the left, surprisingly blue Black Sea laps, exotic cypresses and palm trees compete with each other which of them is higher...]