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What to learn at the master of a zen? You for certain heard

a story about masters who live and work in continuous meditation. Each their word, each gesture everyone reminds the lived day a slow, but irreversible current of the great river. From them blows as wisdom, love and light.

At them ever nothing drops out of hands, they do not tell excess words, are not late anywhere, they do not run, do not twitch, do not ask again. They are well off, without hard work, their life - their work, their service - their wisdom, and it is demanded!

Near such person himself unexpectedly you cease to be anxious about enormous number of small, but unresolved problems. All it seems simple, clear and clear. The eternity is ahead felt and the confidence in justice of the Universe appears: if I correctly do everything, then ever nothing happens to me bad, I will solve all problems, I will achieve the objectives and I will happily live.

Though here it, happiness. Right now when I sit near this person and slowly I drink tea. There is no intensity, silence does not seem burdensome or awkward, the silence in itself is conversation.

Perhaps, the master thinks of me, and can about something another - not important. And I think of the. And I do not even think, and I survey the life, the situation, the future from height of bird`s flight. All is visible! And why I could not stop, calm down and enjoy tranquility in mind, a body and soul?

- Thanks, master.

And whether you saw such people in life? Perhaps to someone has also the luck, but billions of people do not approach under this image around. On the contrary, life of most of people reminds eternal run. Who keeps on the course, who it is chaotic who in all directions at the same time.

Vanity. It is obvious to you. You periodically feel it all over, with all the heart, realize it. But very seldom you stop. Too seldom.

The essence of vanity is that we try to be in time to make everything .

cannot physically Make everything. Put very much that all mankind does not manage to make them that to tell about the certain person. But each person persistently repeats this mistake every day.

The reason of vanity is in what we do not afford not to do everything .

Day by day, trying to be in time to make everything, we all the same should choose: what to do and that - no. And here most often we make the second mistake.

In vanity we choose NOT THAT. we Choose


habitual instead of new,

simple instead of grandiose,

ordinary instead of novel,

grounded instead of great,

routine instead of creative,

small instead of risky,

banal instead of original,

urgent instead of strategichny. by

I it is received the corresponding results.

Present that you ceased to choose habitual, simple, ordinary, grounded, routine, small, banal and urgent. But now you choose every time new, grandiose, novel, great, creative, risky, original, strategichny.

But at the same time it is very important to check: whether conducts this choice to your dream? for

So to solve a vanity problem, it is necessary:

1. To realize that to make everything - it is impossible.

2. It is conscious to choose what to do and that is not present.

3. It is only necessary to choose what brings closer you to your dream.

At you everything will turn out! And to become the master of a zen too.]