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What tells " about; The Museum 6 - go the floor ?

What the museum - " is; The Museum 6 - go the floor (The Sixth Floor Museum)? On this question, I think, only those who visited there will be able to answer, the name sounds too somehow vaguely...

Organizers, probably, not strongly reflected, giving such name to the museum devoted to one of the most tragic and mysterious events in life of the United States in the middle of the XX century - to murder 35 - go the U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the youngest less than all others being on this post.

John Kennedy became the head of state in 43 - summer age (was born on May 29, 1917).

His inauguration took place on January 20, 1961, and on November 22, 1963 he died. For certain many know where there was a tragedy. It is Dallas, the second-large city of the State of Texas. I wanted to visit there long ago. And on November 22 last 2007, we went to excursion to Dallas. From Houston to Dallas three and a half hours of a driving on the beautiful federal highway No. 45. So it turned out that the trip by date coincided with anniversary of murder of D. Kennedy.

The Museum 6 - go the floor settles down on the seventh floor (as it is known, in America the seventh floor is considered the sixth) buildings of the former school book-depository - Texas School Book Depositary on crossing of streets Houston and Elm. Now in this building, except the museum, service premises of administration of the district Dallas are located. On the way to the museum, on Elm Street, there are a lot of amateur guides, suggesting to tell and show where and as everything occurred; at the same time sell different information publications, copies of cuttings from newspapers of that time. An entrance to the museum - from the lateral, left side of the building (if to stand facing it). In a lobby, as at any museum, small little shop with souvenirs and booklets and a ticket office. The ticket for adult visitors costs 12 dollars, for pensioners is cheaper - 10,5. Everything is very modest, a usual entrance on a warehouse - it seems that here nothing was remade from the moment of the tragedy. The elevator reminding cargo, accomodating about ten visitors, lifts us on the 7th floor. Exactly from here, from extreme windows fatal shots on the president were made of a rifle with a riflescope.

The museum very in detail tells not only about the last minutes to D. Kennedy, but also about his life, a family, political career, pre-election fight for presidency, about short, but fruitful activity at presidential post. Some visitors examine an exposition with the guide, but we prefer to read everything and to look, slowly. Besides different stands with photos, in the museum several big TV screens are established, and there short documentaries constantly repeat (on all screens plots different). Here John Kennedy speaks at pre-election meeting, here it with a family, then, having become the President, drives in the White House, meets N. S. Khrushchev, etc.

in the museum appeared Recently earlier unknown scenes of the last seconds of life of Kennedy shot by an amateur movie camera. The author 90 - second shooting - 82 - summer George Jefferey. The film was stored at it more than 40 years and now is transferred to the museum.

Angular part of a warehouse on the 7th floor, with two windows leaving on Elm - the street, is fenced off by glass walls, boxes with books lie there, there is a waxwork of the murderer and the rifle lies. From the windows, next to a partition, the street and the cross on asphalt drawn with white paint - the place where there was a car of the President at the time of shots is well visible. Unfortunately, in the museum it is forbidden to photograph.

We are as if postponed to 44 years ago. On November 22, 1963, Friday. At 11 hours 35 minutes at the airport of Dallas with the romantic name Field of love (Love Field) landed the Air Force plane of the United States by which arrived vice-the president Lyndon Johnson. And two minutes later, at 11:37 one more plane from which on a ladder the president John Kennedy and his spouse Jacqueline descended made landing here. In 10 minutes the presidential train left the airport and went to the center of Dallas. From the airport to the Downtown on the road about 40 minutes left. On all way huge crowds of people welcomed the youngest, charming President. John Kennedy with the wife and the governor of Texas John Konnalli went by the opened car, going to the Floor Space where meeting had to take place. It is unclear, for what reason the bulletproof glass roof of the car was lifted. At 12 hours 30 minutes cars turned from the street Houston on Elm - the street.

In a second shots were heard. Most of witnesses claim that they heard three shots. Bullets got into the head and John Kennedy`s throat, it fell on hands of the wife. The governor of Texas was hard wounded in a back. The president`s train immediately accelerated the movement, and in a few minutes Kennedy was brought to Parklendsky hospital where 14 surgeons unsuccessfully fought for his life. But already at 13:00 o`clock official Washington confirmed Kennedy`s death. In 10 minutes the Senate of the USA stopped work, one minute New - the York exchange was closed later. At 15:41 the coffin with a body of the president was shipped in the plane and in two hours is delivered to Washington. In the same evening, on November 22, recited the oath and Lyndon Johnson became the new, 36th U.S. President. This haste for some reason seems to me surprising. And on November 25, 1963 John Kennedy was buried on the Arlingtonsky national cemetery, and on its grave the eternal flame was lit.

In 1 hour 20 minutes after Kennedy`s murder the suspect - the employee of a book-depository, Lee Harvey Oswald who after shots according to Kennedy killed after a while the police officer was arrested. Charge of double murder was brought to him. Though the museum is also devoted to Kennedy, there it is very in detail told about Lee Harvey Oswald so involuntarily you think, as the murderer is presented hero let and negative. For example, there are its notes to the wife, family photos, etc. Lee Harvey Oswald several months prior to Kennedy`s murder got a job in a book-depository therefore it had no difficulties to pass there and to carry by a rifle which it, having made the dirty deed, left on the place. At a building search it was found by police officers.

When Oswald left the building, a minute later after shots, it was stopped by the police officer. Being afraid that the police officer remembered it and identifies, Oswald killed him from the gun in the nearest cafe. And in two days Oswald when he was transported from a police station in prison, was shot by the owner of night club Jack Ruby, in the presence of police officers and journalists. Soon after Oswald, within two years, under strange circumstances sixty two major witnesses died, - people who could show a lot of things on this case. For example, the driver of a taxi who gave a ride to Oswald from a book-depository home lived after John Kennedy`s murder only a week.

On November 29, 1963 the new American president Lyndon Johnson declared creation of the commission on investigation of murder of Kennedy. She received the informal name of the commission of Warren - by name Earl Warren who headed it. Six senators and congressmen, 14 advisers, 20 lawyers were a part of the commission. At its order there were also 80 FBI agents. On September 24, 1964, after ten months of work, the commission submitted to the president Johnson the official report on 470 pages. 26 volumes of certificates, documents, photos were applied to it. The final conclusion of the investigation was simple: the former paratrooper Lee Harvey Oswald who lived several years in the capital of Belarus Minsk and married to the Russian woman Marina was a murderer - the single. Proofs of existence of plot, it appeared in the report, is not available.

However as showed national polls, 69% of Americans are sure that the president Kennedy fell a victim not murderers - singles, and plot. People understand what to the single just would be beyond the power to carry out such murder. Perhaps, true responsible for the Dallas tragedy will become sometime known. Except Warren`s commission many were engaged in independent investigation. It is possible to look on the Internet of interview of Ilya Tarasov with V. S. Zorin who was the ambassador of the USSR in the USA personally familiar with Kennedy. About the president Kennedy tens of books, articles are written. In 1991 the director Oliver Stone shot the art movie John Kennedy. Shots in Dallas (JFK), received, by the way, an award Oscar .

For 44 years in the White House many owners were replaced, others were in power and on two terms. But during this time any of them in the popularity and support by the people of the USA even close did not approach a trust rating which John Fitzgerald Kennedy had!

And to our dear readers and fans of history I wish to live up to those light times when the truth opens of itself the way and people learn who stood behind John Kennedy`s murder.]