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Whether the turtle can replace a cat? Byl for children and adults of

Shunya, the real steppe turtle with four claws on pads, was bought by Yulya as a house toy: there was a wish that in the house there was something live, but not demanding special efforts. All recommendations of sellers of pet-shop were implemented - a horizontal terrarium, lighting, pieces of apples and sheets of cabbage by

the Turtle as a turtle, rustles to itself (therefore also Shunya) in the aquarium paper, hides in an armor at appearance of the hostess. Especially you will not communicate. Well, - Yulya solved, - not with her then about it. I esteem . In special literature nothing essentially new was told. Interested only that fact that turtles can be fed with porridges, and at the same time it was claimed that turtles vegetarians.

Everything that clever books recommended: the young turtle ate young leaves of a dandelion, a plantain, a clover, peas, sea cabbage, sprouts of oats and barley, but reluctantly. The trial and error method Yul succeeded to output the special recipe of porridge for the Shuni. In a thermos porridge was worn out, chicken meat small crumbled, and vitamins for turtles from pet-shop were added. This dish was accepted by Shunya on hurrah however, as well as salads: the carrots cut by straws, cabbage, apples and lettuce leaves.

And contrary to all special literatures Shun it is pleasant to drink water, not from - under the crane - boiled or thawed. And what is absolutely strange, it turned out that this overland the turtle likes to bathe. Yulya specially offered Shun the choice of temperature of a bathtub. The picky animal during a heat prefers cool water, with approach of fall passed to warm water procedures.

After a complex of the strengthened food and desirable bathing the turtle became cheerful. Changed color of an armor: was it is opaque - sandy, and now shines as the parquet rubbed with mastic. She began to recognize the hostess, to get out of the shelter when Yulya enters the room. Tapping with pebble which replaced paper in a terrarium, Shunya on - turtle runs out towards to the person to whom became attached.

The turtle very much likes to listen to the hostess`s voice when that tenderly repeats her name. Shunya as a cat, is extended (it seems, still slightly - slightly - and will jump out of an armor!) becomes forward pads on stones so that it turns out as if she dances attendance, all the being expressing pleasure.

Yulya loves the pupil too. Gentle strokings on the head, inside of pads became tradition of communication of the person with a turtle. At such moments Shunya just radiates pleasure, the head tries to rub about the hostess`s fingers. Yulya says that these minutes Shunya reminds a cat, apparently, here - will purr here.

Probably, this turtle can be trained. Quite bright, identity is brightly expressed. And could learn much: she has no place to hurry, at her at such leaving and adoration of years hundred ahead with a stock. Only Yulya takes offense at similar remarks: I just love it. You love the cats and dogs?! You will not argue With it. And whether it is worth challenging attachments. Eventually, there is nothing strange that the turtle could replace a cat. You remember old truth: the main thing - not who you and what you are?