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What did the scientist Andreas Wesali shock contemporaries with?

Italy, beginning of the 16th century... Inquisition is still influential. And here the science which formed a basis for modern medical opening stays in an infantile state so far. The main opening of Andreas Vezaliya (1514 - 1564) - the ingenious surgeon and the anatomist fall on this time.

We will try to imagine specifics of the scientific world of those times, its first steps without supervision of a vigilant eye of Church. In many questions influence of the Spanish inquisition prevails over researchers. It is a bit later powerful explosion of the released thought will yield generous intellectual fruits. For now The anatomy is studied only on Galen`s works executed mistakes. Demonstrators are taken from the former barbers. Andreas Wesali says to the teacher of anatomy as a friendly joke that he sees a knife in his hand only at dinner.

Over 200 mistakes were recorded by Wesali in anatomy according to Galen later. And from where to undertake to knowledge? The church forbade to prepare the dead: it supposedly will prevent them to revive after the Last Judgement. Here also scientists had to be content with excision of cats yes of dogs.

There are no openings - there are no opening also. Came the way of scientists very little: only corpses of the executed criminals were at their order. For large-scale researches of it was a little. And Andreas Wesali inspired by comprehension of truth together with pupils regularly makes night expeditions on a cemetery in Padua. Without fearing a rumor, watchmen, wild dogs, scientists extract material for researches: dig out fresh graves and prepare corpses.

These field researches formed a basis for the large-scale work of Andreas Wesalija published soon on anatomy. After 1555 on an extent of two centuries this work remained the only anatomic grant in all Europe. But the rumor informed inquisition ears of rumors on awful acts of Wesali with pupils. Complaints and denunciations followed even then when Wesali, having achieved recognition, became the court doctor of the Spanish king.

The statement of the scientist about the equal number of edges at the man and the woman became the last straw which exhausted inquisition all patience. How so? The fact of creation of the woman from Adam`s edge was indisputable truth. It is solved: Wesali`s works are harmful, they confuse souls of believers. Even the king of Spain could not make anything: Andreas Wesalija was ground in a dungeon, then judged.

Among other charge of what, allegedly, he, using the high position, opened living people was brought to the scientist. At this unfair charge such history: once Wesali managed to catch absolutely fresh corpse. The person died some minutes ago. Having immediately made opening, even grown wise experience anatomists shuddered: heart of the dead continued to be reduced.

Now this phenomenon is properly studied and described. Then scientists faced it for the first time. No wonder was to suspect a mistake: excision of a live body. Though it also was a lie, in the opinion of Sacred inquisition Andreas Wesali undoubtedly remained the criminal obsessed with devil aspirations.

The king interceded for Wesali. It is possible for this reason the scientist was not sentenced to burning on a fire. According to a sentence, it had to make penitential pilgrimage to the Holy Land. But he did not transfer travel. In 1564, coming back from Jerusalem, Wesali died under the obscure circumstances. The scientist is buried on the Greek island Zant.]