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How to become the good teacher?

became known Not so long ago that the State Duma adopted in the first reading the amendments to the legislation on education establishing the expanded list of restrictions for occupation with pedagogical activity. This news very much interested me, I read a set of the responses and comments caused by this message. Frankly speaking, from the law I expected much more, than restriction for pedagogical activity for the persons which had a criminal record for certain crimes, and also on medical indications .

the Question of education - the most important not only now, it never loses relevance, however why after school and institute, we forget names of teachers how a bad dream? Why so poorly good teachers to whom there is a wish to return after training and to ask for suggestions? If reading these lines, you think that there is a lot of such teachers, then it is necessary only to envy that in your life they are.

By the nature of activity, me was necessary to visit lectures of very many teachers - and very young girls only - only after HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and solid professors. Yes, there were lectures which took place so beautifully that the hall calmed down and having opened mouths listened. But the most part of the lessons visited by me caused not that interest in a subject, and full disgust and rejection at first to a subject, then to science, then to the teacher, to his educational institution and education generally. Such teachers promoted that I threw the university on the 5th course in spite of the fact that the diploma with honors with might and main shone. There was no wish to receive a piece of paper in which it is written that I know perfectly well objects which were presented thus. the Most part of lectures took place

in my university (I studied as the economist) so: the teacher (irrespective of age and a floor) wearily greeted, wearily sat down on a chair, opened some old and shabby notebook and told something about the economic theory, bases of accounting or the higher mathematics. Such beautiful, magic, unusual objects to which I aspired from school were pushed in these awful notebooks and views waiting are told by an indifferent dry voice under yawns of students, clicking by buttons of mobile phones also when this torture ends. For all 10 semester only the historian and the teacher of philosophy caused respect and admiration of all our stream. Though, of course, among them there were also those who whether the beret of a bribe the teacher admired only that or not. If a beret - everything is excellent, at lectures it is possible not to appear and not to stuff the head with any nonsense. In the beginning I somehow did not attach all this significance, appear, that it is norm, all so study, and teachers receive too little that to vylazhivatsya at lessons. Then we with group of children lit up ideas of writing of the book: As it is correct to write abstracts for what attended lectures of many teachers of various Higher education institutions of the city and area.

often said to me that teaching level in non-state paid establishments is much higher, than at my university where I arrived on the budgetary office after examinations. What my surprise was that in these high institutions the situation is not better at all. Interestingly, and these teachers would like to study at themselves?

How to become the good teacher, to deserve respect of audience and to interest in the subject? This question interests me because I open the courses on fast reading, I should teach not as among friends and acquaintances earlier, and to train absolutely strangers. How to inform them of the fact that I want how to convince and interest? And why there is no teacher whom I can address now and ask for suggestions about it? by

Perhaps, it is worth determining suitability of the person to teaching not by criminal records and diseases? I consider that each person has the right to choose to himself teachers.

At the lessons we often thought how to make that teachers were interested in how they train. Maybe after all there is exit how to interest them in the work not only a salary and bribes?]