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What is the spring dangerous to pets by?

according to skilled veterinarians, become aggravated practically all chronic diseases of domestic cats and dogs in the spring. Therefore at the end of a winter season it is necessary to watch fixedly their behavior, paying attention to any trifles. It will help to give them help in time and to avoid undesirable complications.

As a rule, the problem No. 1 arising after winter at city room animals the set of excess weight is. Not less than a half of domestic cats and dogs, especially are subject to it if they are sterilized. Lead an overfeeding and an inactive way of life to obesity, in the winter even people walk less and gather extra kilos.

At animals excess weight leads to violations in work of heart, to diabetes, oncological diseases, the risk of strokes increases, locks appear. All this very much damages health and much more reduces life of our favourites.

It is possible to fight against an overfeeding, having reduced day norm of food approximately by 30% and having ceased to give delicacies in breaks between the main meals. When feeding it is necessary to replace only with dry feeds a usual forage on facilitated, with the lowered calorie content, from the " series; light .

The hypodynamia can be overcome, forcing an animal to move more. With a cat it is necessary to play daily outdoor games, to carry away her some toys. That it, having even stayed at home one for all day, it was periodically played with them, but did not doze on a sofa waiting for owners. With a dog it is necessary to increase time of walks, in passing holding active games, forcing it to run more.

The second problem arising against the wrong feeding is the urolithic illness at cats. And at the diseased for the first time, and at ill already chronically she has an effect in the spring. The castrated cats are especially subject to it. Stones are formed of crystals of salts and cells of mucous membranes, collecting in the form of sand in a bladder and corking the urinary channel. To it gives excess of mineral substances (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium) in a diet: continuous feeding by a cheap dry feed or crude fish. As soon as noticed that the cat too often runs in a toilet, urinates often and gradually, at the same time myauchit from pain, try to bring somewhat quicker it to the doctor for purpose of necessary treatment.

On the way March, and with it and the third spring problem - love and sufferings accompanying it. For simplification of a condition of animals it is recommended to give demulcents in combination with hormonal tablets. However veterinarians recommend to use hormones no more than 5 days, otherwise the risk of emergence of an inflammation and tumors of reproductive organs increases.

Abstention in itself for males does not do any harm to their health therefore the issue of castration is resolved depending on a situation. If the animal behaves too emotionally, giving a lot of trouble, then resort to such operation. If it is rather quiet, then there is no need for it. And here abstention at female individuals leads to frequent inflammatory diseases of bodies of the sexual sphere, and sterilization will help to solve these problems.

On spring to owners of lop-eared dogs with dense wool it is necessary to check especially attentively and often ears of the pets. At this particular time often there are inflammatory processes of an internal surface of ears leading to complications in the form of otitis and dermatitis. Ear sulfur forms a thin film on an internal surface of an ear, skin rots, bacteria and fungi begin to breed actively. There is an itch and an unpleasant smell, the dog begins to scratch often ears, tearing apart them till it bleeds.

To prevent similar troubles, 2 - 3 times a week are necessary regularly, to clean it ears, and after bathing to wipe them especially carefully. At detection of reddening of an internal surface it is necessary to clean properly sulfur and within several days to wipe skin with spirit tincture of a calendula. If the inflammation develops further, there was an itch, then the ear is daily greased with a thin layer of suitable anti-inflammatory ointment. Inflammatory process stops in that case in 3 - 5 days.

That your pets were always healthy, it is not necessary to pass a complex of necessary spring inoculations. Veterinarians note that the infections caught in the spring proceed much heavier, than autumn. Be careful owners, then your animals will pay back with mutual love and attachment.]