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You want to save the electric power?

For the fact that Vasisualy Lokhankin did not turn off the light in a toilet neighbors flogged it in kitchen birches. It is unlikely they fought for energy saving in country scales. They saved the blood. Then communal flats were succeeded five-storey apartment blocks and everyone disposed of the electric power moderately of the diligence. Citizens of a lokhankina (damned plunderers of socialist property) burned down cheap electricity completely and at home, and at work. With impunity and

the Happy country where was all around collective-farm, all around mine now in the past. But people remained the same, and still thriftlessly spend energy resources, arguing on tragic destiny of the Russian liberalism and the role in a democratic revolution thus. They say that revenge the state for constantly growing tariffs.

The mentality of the Soviet person who got used to live to today`s measures, in a big way - with the bulbs burning in all rooms, the TV which is turned on for all day, a wide open window leaf and nezakleeny windows is not enough - Pomala consigns to the past. Because it is necessary to pay for achievements of a civilization. To pay much. And if you read this article, so you really want to save. I will not urge you to hang up from within on an entrance door the poster: Leaving, you put out the light . There are much more effective ways to close black holes in which flow away kilowatt - hours and our blood money.

For a start it is worth replacing usual bulbs of an incandescence with energy saving. They and are called. Economy essential - 50 - 80%, and they serve very long: twisted and forgot. This pleasure will run into money, but expenses pay off in 6 months.

About an electric heater in general it is possible to forget if to replace double-glazed windows, to warm an entrance door, a floor, walls. Expensively? Even if just to seal up windows, it is possible to preserve 40% of heat. Not warmed balcony door, for example, is comparable with a hole in a wall with a diameter of 20 cm

Some advise to paint radiators of a central heating dark color. Even in black. Grustnenko will be? And you speak everything that it is so accepted in California. What, there are no radiators? Well, in Reykjavik But the dark surface radiates heat 10 - 15% more than light.

And what is the time you face in thoughts the refrigerator: To eat? or you rummage in the freezer, carrying out archeological excavations in permafrost? If temperature in a chamber increases, the compressor will immediately satisfy the power appetites.

The electric stove (class A) is more modern, the less it spends the electric power. Never put a small saucepan on a big ring, and it will not heat air and to burn precious oxygen. Even more reasonably the built-in equipment where both the plate and an oven work independently from each other spends energy.

Who has a gas stove, that, for example, has no need to have an electric kettle. But, of course, it is convenient: klats - also began to boil, klats - and itself it was disconnected. At such fireproof teapots big power - 2000 watts, all the same, what at the same time to turn on two irons in a network. By the way, not to reel up excess kilowatts, it is better to heat so much water how many it is necessary at present, and it is obligatory to delete a scum which consumes part of the electric power on own heating.

Choose that it is more important for you: convenience or economy!]