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How eat in Odessa or From what you eat Phish?

- From what you eat Phish, from a fork or from a spoon?

- Oh, a mine all the same, if only yes!

(Conversation at a tram stop).

First of all - in Odessa do not eat. Also do not eat. In Odessa or eat, or guzzle that you already choked, for this caviar your father puts the head .

Then - the question where to take to devour already strongly lost the relevance. Who would think of it if on every quarter there is the round-the-clock supermarket where there is everything from a processed cheese Friendship and to horse-radish knows what in the form of fruit of an indescribable geometrical form and other sturgeon? Was earned, came at the night to a corner and took dozen of oysters and a bottle of Chablis. Therefore also talk of the " type; the woman, where you took this frozen hake that it tore to me all kolgotka too died, and, I hope, irrevocably.

Even nobody drags sudochok with a chicken for Borya when it already leaves from the sea on the sea, tell the abnormal husband that the child is bought up and we will have dances with a thermometer at night.

But the corn is immortal. Boiled. It is called pshonka and it is carried on the beach in buckets, you take it, such is yellow - toothy, and strew with gray salt, and gnaw, champing, to the head of cabbage. And it is so nice to throw heads of cabbage in the sea. In buckets carry shrimps of a marvelous pink color, but I do not eat them, I am afraid of them even boiled.

Ate, eat and will eat borsch. Fiery, garlick, on a svininka, on a tomato or on fresh tomatoes, stewed with red pepper. You do not ask the recipe - never before happened that at two people identical borsch turned out. It is impossible. It as fingerprints. Why nobody wrote about it the detective story yet? The spy who was filled up on borsch!

The same treats also borsch green. Sorrel or spinach, hard-boiled eggs circles or crude, that rags floated fennel or a basil - all this again. The most mysterious riddle of the universe what essence borsch is more tasty, red or green? It is a heavy question, but the answer to it is: more tasty that which I eat now. Children understand, will not deceive them. They can be killed and not eat a cutlet from pure chicken breast which you as that idiot shook up in the mixer that it was more magnificent. But borsch they is will be.

Concerning caviar from blue it is necessary to write the separate poem. Without caviar from blue no Odessa can be. Poem all here.

But there is everything - on the earth eternal and enduring. There is it, and any supermarket and McDonald`s of it not to beat out. It is ZAKRUTKI. It is eternal. All summer the starved husbands a rod and a rod from a market pood bags tomato, blue, pepper, brooms of fennel and other being green, and their corpulent wives take a steam bath all summer near a plate, sterilize hundreds of the jars, roll up and stuff them under beds.

Where you saw the Odessa apartment that there everything to a podkrovatya was not filled with zakrutka? I do not know where they hide lovers, but precisely not there. At work they exchange recipes and daily report each other how many honeycombs of cans were rolled up yesterday.

Has to recognize that sharp stuffed blue is something. It is blow in a liver from which you soar in empire, so it is sweet, turned sour, sharply and is odorous. But alas! I buy them on a market. Directly ready. And all the rest - salty, marinated and twirled - I buy in a supermarket. Leaves cheaper.

By the way, not import - our, rural. The village of Odessa region like Velikodolinovki usually appears the place of production. Looks beautifully, a label, design, e - a mail of cannery.

- Fiiya, well unless it is possible to compare it to house? - employees sob. It is possible, aunts. It is already possible. Especially if to add acute sense of happiness there: when I buy all this is all organism I feel that I buy TIME.