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What have to be relationship of pupils and teachers?

Ya tried to understand sense of the favourite phrase of one of my school teachers more than once: Remember. This is the teacher for you, but not you for him. And you have to do everything that it was pleasant to it to communicate with you .

Many of teachers, detaining a class on change, constantly repeat: The Call rings for me, but not for you . Besides, when the call on a lesson rings, they repeat such phrase: For whom it was ringing? For you! . I got confused! It appears, at school is for us and for you . Whether it is correct? It was much told, it is much written, but all pretend as if nothing is known.

It is clear to all pupils that the teacher is more senior and is wiser and the attitude towards him has to be corresponding. But also the pupil who came to gain knowledge demands to himself not less respect. You sometime heard that you at school addressed pupils on You ? And why it does not occur? We not we stick to teachers, we do not call them on surnames as they do.

Very often at a lesson it is necessary to listen to such speech: Today so heart hurts me, just at me yesterday the husband was hospitalized, and so small salary that even could not medicine be bought . It is clear, that each teacher first of all the ordinary person with the problems and cares. But whether we are obliged, the pupils who came for knowledge to listen to someone`s complaints?

More than once it was necessary to witness such situations. The class teacher in the face of all class lectures the pupil for the fact that that is slovenly dressed, and adds: You Want to grow up such how your father - the drunkard? . Why she said it aloud? In order that all pupils reminded then him of it? Many teachers like to scold the pupil before a class when that is absent. Like, awful shirker, poor student and idler. But why to listen to these indignations to pupils who are in a class?

There is also such group of teachers whom pupils call the professional on mood . These are those teachers who conduct a lesson as the mood orders them. Tights since morning tore at the teacher, means all lessons she will be irritable. If last night the husband presented a bouquet to it, then all lesson it will smile and praise pupils. And unless so has to be?

There are also good teachers. Quite so call cheerful, carefree teachers who like to joke and pobalagurit. But I for some reason and treat such teachers cautiously. Everything has to be moderately.

Teachers Soviet training very often take everything very much to heart, they perceive all victories and defeats of pupils as own. In my opinion, it should not be. It then to pupils to apologize for her tears and sad eyes.

I consider that the relations between pupils and the teacher have to be official. Any personal problems, mutual respect, affability and politeness, attentiveness to each other. That`s all that is required from both parties. We have to remember that the rights and duties are both at teachers, and at pupils that nobody should not anybody that we need in each other equally, and the call rings for all.]