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What history of life of Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg?

on February 6 - Day of memory of blessed Xenia of Saint Petersburg which was canonized in 1988. Ksenia was born

at the beginning of the 18th century in a noble and provided family. At the age of 18 years Ksenia married the court chorister Andrey Fedorovich Petrov. Their family life was very happy: they lived in a full mutually consent and understanding, but unexpectedly beloved spouse of Ksenia died, without having managed even to confess and prichastitsya. 26 years were it then.

Ksenia went to a funeral in a uniform of the husband and responded to puzzled appeals of people around that she is Andrey Fedorovich, and Ksenia died. She began to respond only addressed to the spouse. Ksenia divided all the property between the poor, even she presented the house to the acquaintance who removed at them a corner earlier, having taken from it the promise to help poor wanderers. Having been left with nothing, Ksenia began to live as the beggar, on streets of St. Petersburg.

She was considered as the madwoman, but Ksenia was in absolutely sensible mind and gave the report to the acts. After death of the husband it lost interest in mortal life and began to seek consolation at heavenly forces. Feeling extraordinary strength of mind, blessed Ksenia assumed craziness for the sake of Jesus Christ and rescue of the late spouse.

In the afternoon Ksenia wandered about the St. Petersburg streets, and went to the country at night, to the woods and fields where sincerely prayed to God, being kneeling, in any weather, till the dawn. During construction of church near the Smolensk cemetery, Ksenia, secretly, lifted at the nights bricks on the top of construction, helping construction of walls of the temple. And once Ksenia was seen sleeping in others kitchen garden, and in the morning the hostess found out that weeding is already made.

There were years, and the attitude of citizens towards the foolish changed for the better. When the old clothes of the husband absolutely decayed, kind people persuaded Ksenia to change clothes and she began to wear a red jacket, a green skirt and shoes on bare feet. More than once offered it warm winter clothes and footwear, money, even a shelter and providing with all necessary, but she answered all same: I need nothing . It accepted only kopeks which gave to other persons in need. Ksenia as if rejoiced to the poverty and freedom from wordly vanity and when somewhere came, spoke: All I here .

Petersburgers considered as a good sign a meeting with just Ksenia: if it came into someone`s house, all affairs were adjusted there if touched the sick child, he recovered. Carriers were sure that if they bring blissful, day will pass successfully and there will be a good revenue. Exhibition dealers tried to treat with something Ksenia because after her the goods in a trice were bought up. And at given it alms there were favorable changes in life.

After a while at blessed Ksenia gift of anticipation opened. So, on the eve of death of the empress Elizabeth Petrovna, Ksenia spoke to all: Bake pancakes, tomorrow all Russia will bake " pancakes;. And some days before murder of the young successor of a throne John VI blissful with tears said: Blood, " blood;. Somehow Ksenia came to the acquaintance to whom presented the house and, having specified to the right side, told: You sit here, and God sent the baby to you . The woman ran in the specified direction and found the baby whose mother was brought down to death by the carrier. It took the child to itself and brought up him as native son. And once Ksenia came to the house to one girl and told: Go rather on a cemetery, there your husband buries the wife . The girl together with mother came to a cemetery, and gave help to the fainted young widower whom married later.

Blessed Ksenia carried out in wanderings of 45 years, and at the end of her life each resident of the northern capital respected and loved it. She died at the end of the 18th century, at the age of 71 year and was buried on the Smolensk cemetery. And even after death sacred continued to help people, being it and warning about dangers.

So, blessed Ksenia appeared before the poor official Nikolay Selivanovich Golovin who thought of suicide from - for failures at work. The righteous woman told it to go to the Smolensk cemetery and to serve memorial service for Ksenia . Golovin made everything according to its council, and its affairs unexpectedly were arranged in the best way. Ksenia told the same to the widow of the colonel who bitterly cried in despair because that could not arrange the sons in military school. Having followed words the Saint, the woman soon learned that her children are accepted.

When the emperor Alexander III got sick with typhus, his wife, Maria Fiodorovna, advised to take a sand handful from blessed Ksenia`s grave. The queen, having believed council, put sand under a pillow of the sick husband, and in the same night her was Saint Ksenia and reported that the emperor`s life out of danger and that in their family the daughter whom it is necessary to name Ksenia will be born. The prediction came true.

Unfortunately, about blessed Ksenia`s life of very few recorded data: there are even no exact dates of its birth and death, its life is written down according to the eyewitnesses respecting memory the Saint. Still during lifetime blessed Ksenia began to be considered as the patroness of St. Petersburg to this day she helps all who address it with sincere belief and a prayer.]