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What the bridge through the river Kvay is well-known for?

Are territories on the earth which are associated at most of the population unambiguously. It is practically possible to call anything Road of Life but most of Russians and residents of the former USSR the first association will have a road through Lake Ladoga. But I do not think that British will have the same comparison, Americans, Australians and Hugo`s people - East Asia. They have the association, perhaps, not such tragic.

The Bridge through the river Kvay . This geographical place definitely is associated at Hugo`s people - East Asia, Americans and British with expensive death .

For what this place in the country of Siam is well-known (nowadays the state of Thailand)?

From 1942 to 1943 in the territory of the state of Thailand (the ally of Japan) forces of prisoners of war and the Japanese troops called for works constructed the narrow-gage railroad. Problems of this road included connection of Burma, nowadays Myanmar, and Singapore. By estimates of the Japanese engineers supervising building on construction of the similar road five years were required. I will dare to repeat: FIVE years. Prisoners of war constructed it in only 17 months.

An awful environment - a rapid current of the river Kvay, a hot and humid climate, existence of various causative agents of serious illnesses, aggressive animals - and severe conditions of work carried away people in hundreds. According to different data on building 415 km long about hundred thousand people, the majority of whom were locals, died.

In Kanchanaburi there is a cemetery where the died prisoners of war are buried. It is not forgotten and not thrown. There regularly relatives and descendants of the died British, Americans, Dutches and Australians visit. Whether people, quite controversial issue lie there. The climate in Thailand does not favor to burial of bodies to the earth.

The road existed not for long: in October, 1943 the first train went, and in 1944 the English aircraft destroyed the bridge through the river Kvay. Without this bridge existence of the road was inexpedient. After war Japan obliged to restore the bridge as a reparation, and now road of death operating. Now expensive death the piece from Bangkok to Namtok station is considered that in Kanchanaburi`s province, but actually the railroad comes to an end at falls Sayok ache where since 1976 the locomotive is laid up.

Annually in Thailand there passes Week of the bridge through the river Kvay. At this time various exhibitions are organized and color organ shows will be organized. The main event is the performance of bombing of the bridge.

In the fifties the twentieth century the movie which and is called " was shot; The Bridge through the river Kvay . In its basis the historical events which took place during World War II also laid down.

Places across which there passes the road, quite picturesque. It is possible to get there as under the own steam, and having used services of travel companies. The author does for certain not know whether there are departures from Bangkok, but they precisely are from Pattaya. Fare makes three - four thousand baht that is approximately equal to two and a half - three thousand rubles if to recalculate at the rate of 33 Baht = $1.]