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Murderers of sales. How the staff of different departments kills sales? Employees of many companies got used to consider

: sales and profit - an obligation of sales department. Managers of sales contact to the client, here they and have to satisfy needs of the client. All other departments just well work. Buy, ship, count money, wash the floors, at last. The client - not their care is not satisfied or lost.

Let`s look, only a few examples as different structures of the company, reduce sales and eventually the income. At the same time in two cases from three, wine to lay down on personnel of sales department.

Point 1 . From where the goods undertake?

If you the producer a product (goods) from shop. If the intermediary, is department of purchase.

Anyway, each of these divisions can not provide existence of goods. So: WILL SELL NOT WHAT.

Example: Wholesale sellers of medicines, on a straight line, depend on producers of these medicines. At purchase:

1. Producers could not execute delivery.

2. Dressed purchase, not quickly placed the order.

3. Delivery time for the transport reasons drags on.

On it if responsible for existence of goods or service of division did not cope with the work to SELL to SELLERS NOT of WHAT. They do not do the plan for sales, but it is not their wine.

You will tell that here it, it is obvious. But managers of sales receive payment in the form of percent. Otsutsviye of a product for sale not only painfully hits them the pocket, but also threatens with sanctions from not the far-sighted management.


Point 2. Storage, logistics, shipment.

At this stage happens a lot of things: from damage of goods, before its loss (not there stored), etc. For all these not professional moments, logisticians and warehouse workers bear responsibility. And often they are fairly punished.

A that sales managers? direct sales Managers, on a straight line contact to the consumer - the client and are forced to extinguish his emotional claims. But it is not all. Logistic mistakes on a straight line, reduce sales. Not found or not standard goods reduce shipment.

of Sale fall? the Seller is punished by ruble, it works for % of sales.


Point 3. the Goods are sold, he is brought to the client. The delivery service and logistics works.

Priorities on dates of receipt at clients different. It is necessary for one urgently, another as you will bring, so you will bring.

Example. Delivery of medicines in drugstores. Part of drugstores accept hot applications at clients. They do not refuse (in the absence of a preparation) and take the order and invite the client to come after a lunch . The part of medical preparations costs so much and is by the piece demanded that if the client does not redeem it (without having received in time) the drugstore will demand return. To refuse to it, to lose the client.

Anyway systematic delivery not in time, stipulated by the client, is reflected in sales. It just begins in hot situations to address quicker and executive supplier.


Point 4 . Regionalno - filial policy.

If in a price - a leaf the big range of goods, then comes to light sooner or later that one positions leave quicker, others more slowly, the third in general stand. But happiness, is marketing specialists they and calculate what to trade more favourably and how to form the range.

The sales manager nevertheless it is more favorable to trade in more resourceful goods. And if this sales manager is closer to the marketing specialist`s body, and his colleague in the remote regional branch? Self-interest of the seller is clear, but the marketing specialist being given on his arrangement, to hold a running " position; reduces the general sales to the company.


Point 5. Accounts department, economic department.

What is done by them to reduce sales? Process documents as it is convenient to them, but not clients. Of course all this becomes to please to tax and other control administrations. To please. To go deep often rather a little into acts and to be nastochivy before bodies and a lot of things can be made out iak as it is convenient for the company.

Example: Try to issue return from the client. Perhaps for accounts department, with its accounting policies it is difficult to enlist repeatedly on balance already shipped goods. But for whom the company works? For the client or accounts department.

Fall sales? If you refused to accept return with the words and our accounts department will not carry out .


Finance marketing actions as it is convenient for financial. reporting.

has nobody not a secret that marketing actions for clients are in large quantities connected with material encouragement. Prizes, gifts, trips, etc. All this costs money and to be carried out respectively on accounting. It is difficult to carry out it. But it does not mean that the client will pay for it.

Example: the Wholesale company carried out a marketing action among the clients. At a purchase gain, clients participated in a competition. For a victory in a competition there were prizes. Teapots, microwaves, etc. Process of transfer of these prizes was so dragged out that all effect of action was destroyed. In what the reason? Teapots, microwaves not profile goods for this company, arose difficulties with transfer on balance, and then carrying out and removals from balance as gifts.

of Sale will go down? WHO TRUE RESPONSIBLE for RECESSION of SALES?

It is total save means.

Example: the Company has the big price list. The thick many page magazine, cost of its production is from 30 - 50 rubles. And wide network of clients. Part of clients silent they do not shop yet. But forwarding agents and managers moving along a route, leave a price and for them. Throwing out thereby, according to economists, 50 rubles on wind. Reducing costs, hl. the economist tries to obtain a ban of delivery of the price list, who does not do to those clients orders. Whether will begin they, ever to buy?


Here not the full list. Of course publicly declared collective responsibility for success flies from lips of heads. Of course in each division the system of encouragement and penalties is developed. Here only many]