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How family business around the world develops?

If you want to do favorite thing side by side with relatives - let`s address examples of how do family business in the different countries of the world. we will begin

I with the closest neighbors - the CIS countries.

If In Armenia from time immemorial the secret law exists: girls marry, and boys go to trade, in Latvia the former president of the country together with the spouse will organize firm on consulting services to new candidates for big-time politics, that in Ukraine the father and the son create family holding which will be engaged in cultivation of crops and their processing.

By the way, in 2008 the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine plans to exempt small family business from payment of taxes completely. Declared the first vice-it - the prime minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov: Of course, it cannot be the enterprise at which 250 nephews and cousins work. It will be small family business. We count that over time it will become an average that has to affect development of our economy favorably! .

And here what should learn at family business - clans from around the world.


Coffee company Dalmayr :

Family companies make the basis of the economy of Germany: these are 85% of all industrial enterprises in the country that in turn gives 3 million workplaces. Dalmayr specializes in sale of coffee. Its history is traced still before 18 - go centuries. Predecessors and ancestors of the present co-owner of the company - Wolfgang to Willa - were suppliers of sixteen Royal Courts. However in the middle of 80 - x years Willa sold the share to " concern; Nestle . It needed the capital for large investments. The transaction was repaid: the company began to sell the coffee across all Germany and sharply increased a turn which reaches nearly 400 million euros a year today. The main indicator of the superior quality of coffee from the " company; Dalmayr invariable purchase of grains only on the best plantations of Ethiopia is.

Egg " liqueur; Verpoorten :

131 in Bonn for the first time found a year ago the recipe of egg liqueur which is still kept the most strict secret and Ferpoorten is issued already the fifth generation of a family. The current head of the company - William Ferpoorten - wears ties of exclusively yellow color and is absolutely confident that the firm still for many years will remain in property of a family, despite the competition which increased recently.


Dairy business for two: is the strongest than

in this country domesticity it is developed in agriculture. The ordinary cow means to the simple Dutch much more, than some duke or the artist because glorified this country for the whole world.

On an average farm of Willem Dykstra, for example, works two and a half persons (the husband, the wife and the worker invited for half a day). Here 120 cows giving on average 1 million liters of milk a year contain! all milk arrives on cheese plant which is directed by the brother of Willem - Iokhim Dykstra. On a question how many to the people works at the overworking plant of the brother, Willem assured that only the brother with the assistant. And these two let out hundred tons of cheese in a year! Days off and holidays Iokhim, of course, has less, than others, but is happy that there is a work, and it obtained the credit recently - under only 5,5%. Not without reason the European Union gives exact statistics: one Dutch feeds 30 Europeans!


Network of fur salons Dionysus : Almost all Greek fur branch is concentrated by

in Kastoria - the mountain province which is at the height about one and a half thousand meters above sea level where as cold as, in Russia. The first fur coat from a beaver appeared in Kastoria in the 14th century. Then, when the fur began to be considered as an indicator of the social status, the Greek furriers began to sew for the European nobility. Transferred the secrets from generation to generation therefore now fur production is, generally family business. Wife of the owner of a network of fur salons Dionysus Ilias Tsiopliakis - it is from Chelyabinsk. Her efforts opened the first fur salon here, and family business continues to develop successfully.

India: to the Multibillionaire Mukesh Ambani entering the five of the richest people of the world everything is interesting to

: he opens the auction in the Bombay exchange, speaks at an economic forum in Davos and inspects shop of just started distribution network of Reliance. Once the father left by

to two brothers of Ambani quite good inheritance - one of the world`s largest petrochemical complexes. Then the company of the eldest son began to create a vseindiysky retail network of various formats: from hypermarkets to small neighbour`s outlets. And recently Mukesh bought in the suburb of Mumbai 140 square kilometers of the territory to build there the megalopolis of the future: with wide streets, electricity, the sewerage and water supply. The biggest skyscraper in the world - only for one family will become the main decoration of this City of the Sun.


" Fashion house; Etro :

In Italy - more than 90% of the companies are in property of one family. President of the " company; Etro the head of the family - Girolamo is, two his sons and the daughter are engaged in design of women`s clothing, accessories and bags, a man`s collection, and one more son is engaged in administration and financial aspects of business. Their credo: the personal relations in business always have to be on the first place! All of us feel part of one family. And when we look for partners worldwide - we are guided by the family companies. Entering the Russian market, we also chose the partner, making a start from the concept of our brand. We chose Bosco di Ciliegi because this company has the same family spirit, as at us! .


Group of " firms; Monena :

of 90% of all business in Finland is too family microfirms where it is less than 10 employees. Tevo Partanen is the founder of group of " firms; Monena . His son - Jukka - the executive director of the company. Jukka redeemed 50% of shares of the company from the father every year on slightly - slightly. Also continues to redeem still. In board Monena - Tevo and two of his sons. (Though under the law in board of the family company there can be even one person!) Tevo - 7 years officially on pension. However the firm pays it a salary, he surely checks monthly balance, looks at work indicators.

the Head firm develops directly goods, and subcontractors develop the profile means of production: if they do paint, then know these processes completely. Just it could not be understood in the Soviet Union! Did a tractor at one plant from beginning to end, and received a product of average quality. And here development goes absolutely in everything: everyone, responsible for the site, goes on the specialized exhibitions, improves quality of work.


" Concern; IKEA :

the Well-known furniture empire - too family business. In 2002 her founder - 76 - summer Ingvar Kamprad, submitting the cases to three sons, bequeathed them the whole philosophy. The company does not know special privileges for the administration, here despise expensive suits and ties, all here - from the loader to the branch director - with each other on you . Modesty - here that the most important for us! On light there are too much snobs who look down on everything. They also spoil the relations in collective! - Ingvar says. - I remember, at one of management meetings we summed up the results of year. Very good results. Very much we never before earned! I then told: well, let`s rest on laurels and we will enjoy the success the whole minute. And we rested exactly a minute on laurels! And then conversation on what else can be improved " went;.


" Construction company; Mivel : On the website of the company proud words appear

: The Family is a symbol of tradition and decency. We - a striking example of family business! . 40 years ago the career in Mivel there began Bozhidar Velyanovich. He transferred knowledge and love to a profession to sons. Today Bozhidar heads the " company; Mivel the eldest son Alexander operates the Moscow representation, and younger, Srdjan, directs the " company; Basvell of " Groups; in Belgrade (this branch is engaged in development and production of joiner`s products and aluminum designs for facades of houses).


" Company; Sony :

In China or Japan the person from outside has very few chances to become desired established post . There believe that the take interests of firm closer to heart, than strangers anything with it not connected.

By the way, in the countries of the East exists very right approach to business including to family: ruble there do not punish but only encourage! The one who made the rejected detail receives a usual salary and suffers a remorse while the one who noticed this marriage - can count on a good award.

The choice - for you, the reader: whether you will work side by side with relatives now or will only prefer to tell them about progress at work? Be successful

- in any business!