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Master of lightnings or Dracula`s relative? History of one genius of

Give me a point of support - and I will turn Earth! - well-known Archimedes declared in due time. And here Nikola Tesla quite seriously claimed that he can split Earth, only the suitable vibrator and exact calculation of time is necessary

If in 19 - 20 centuries inquisition existed, Tesla would be burned unambiguously on a fire. Fortunately, it could not occur at that time. However he constantly heard in the address of charge of sorcery. For example, when for the first time showed remote control of small boats. Well, now it is that you will see nobody. And how to you it? During the lecture about the electromagnetic field of high frequency before scientists of Royal academy he switched on and off the electric motor remotely, in his hands by itself electric bulbs lit up. In some even the spiral was not - just empty flask. By the way, it was 1892!

Rumors went that Nikola Tesla is necessary the relative not to somebody, and the count Dracula. The strange scientist as the real vampire, avoided a sunlight, was unsociable, closed, his look feverishly burned. But to all this there is more rational explanation. During the infinite experiments it constantly was affected by electromagnetic fields that, most likely, was reflected in its nervous system. It became supersensitive. The sunlight hurt it, silent rustles seemed thunder peals, and in the dark he saw not worse than a cat.

Were not settled by it strangenesses Tesla. He since the childhood was tormented by visions which were so real that it even frightened. Over time Nikola learned to make mental trips and as he writes in the autobiography, saw new places, the cities and the countries, lived there, met people, made friends and acquaintances which were to it are also expensive, as well as those that were in real life .

He tells about the opening and inventions so. I do not hurry to get to practical work. When I give rise idea, I at once begin to develop it in the imagination. I change a design, I bring improvements and mentally I set the mechanism in motion. For me it is absolutely unimportant, I operate the turbine in thoughts or I test it in a workshop. I even notice that its balancing was broken. Has no value mechanism type, the result will be the same. Thus, I can quickly develop and improve the concept, without touching anything . It is simply improbable! It needed no drawings. He created and tested designs of any complexity in the imagination! And only when it accepted result - started their creation in reality. For many years its scientific activity never was that this method brought it.

But who could think that when in 1884 Nikola Tesla left Europe and went to submit America the edition of the collection of own verses was one of his main goals ! Yes, yes, master of lightnings as it is called and until now, spoke in several languages fluently, was fond of music and poetry. By the way, its translations of works of the Serbian poets into English nevertheless were issued!

However the main place in his life all - was occupied by science. At first in America Tesla worked in Thomas Edison`s team, the famous and until now the inventor. The last at once made out in the talented scientist of the strong contender. Still! All works of the eminent American were based on a direct current. And here some Serbian interprets about alternating current. Edison so tried to prove danger of ideas of Tesla that he even killed with alternating current a dog. Helped Nona. And on wires in our apartments and nowadays alternating current flows.

And it only one of Tesla`s achievements. In total it patented over 300 inventions in many countries of the world. He described the phenomenon of the rotating magnetic field, developed multiphase electrical machines and schemes of distribution of multiphase currents. In the field of high-frequency equipment and radio telautomatics was a pioneer... At its opening the power of the 20th century is erected. And, of course, each school student studying physics knows that unit of magnetic induction is called by his name.

It obviously advanced the time, and, perhaps, even now his many ideas are not up to the end understood by physics. There is an example. Who knows probably today we could go by cars with eternal engine. In 1931 Mr. Nikola Tesla showed to public such mysterious car. Instead of the petrol engine it established an electric motor. The car gathered speed to 150 km/h, went week without recharge. Energy, according to the scientist, undertook from certain air . It was absolutely incomprehensible. It is clear, that people soon started talking about evil spirit. And the become angry scientist did not reveal this secret.

By the way, about air. In its theory of electricity this concept was fundamental. So he called the certain invisible substance filling the whole world and transferring fluctuations with a speed many times surpassing velocity of light. Each millimeter of space, Tesla believed, it is sated with boundless, infinite energy which needs only to manage to be taken.

Wireless transmission of energy on long distances was one of the main scientific problems of which Nikola Tesla dealt. At the end of the century before last to Colorado Springs for its experiments the tower with the big copper sphere on a top was constructed. There it generated potentials which were discharged by arrows of lightnings up to 40 meters long (where to Hollywood with its computer graphics there!) . Experiences were followed by peals of thunder. Around a tower the huge light sphere flared. You can present that people on streets tested, with horror observing as between their legs and the earth slip sparks. And at this time for twenty five miles from a tower 200 electric bulbs at once lit up. Electric charge was transmitted without wires, through the earth.

Eventually, loud experiments to Colorado Springs destroyed the generator at local power plant, it was necessary to return to New - York where in 1900, at the request of the banker John Pierpont Morgan , Tesla undertook construction of the World station of wireless transmission of energy. The project was based on idea of a resonant swing of an ionosphere, provided participation of 2000 people and received the name Wardenclyffe (Vordenkliff) . However, Morgan was interested not so much a problem of transmission of energy, how many a communication implementation problem. Tesla though in 1893 constructed the first wave radio transmitter, admitted to Morgan that he is interested not in communication, and wireless transmission of energy in an every spot on the globe. As a result, Morgan counted as more perspective and, the main thing, cheap the project of Marconi which in 1900 sent the first transatlantic signal from the English Kornuell to Canada. Nikola`s experiment was left without financing. Soon World War I began, and the American government blew up a tower to prevent its use by enemy spies Many opening of Tesl did not patent

, did not even leave drawings. The majority of its diaries and manuscripts did not remain, and about many inventions only a fractional information reached up to now. And hundreds of legends. Attribute to Tesla also the Tungus accident (1908) . The tower Vordenkliff through an ionosphere quite could transmit huge energy to other part of the world. And the meteorite was not found

difficult to stop when you speak about this surprising person. Everything told now - insignificant part of its mysterious biography. The majority of diaries and Nikola Tesla`s manuscripts disappeared under the obscure circumstances. Perhaps as some biographers consider, the ingenious scientist burned them at the beginning of World War II, having convinced that this knowledge is too dangerous to unreasonable mankind?.]