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What is family business on - American?

image of the country of the upstarts and egoists ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of own take-off was also strongly assigned To the United States of America long ago. In the States the beginning businessman goes to glory tops only the way, despite of international experience and whose that was progress.

But whether always family business in the USA becomes case of prestige which with pride is submitted children and grandsons?

Main character of the movie of Tom Hanks What you do did not wish to sell washing machines and vacuum cleaners at all as it was done by his father, the brother, mother and the uncle. Possessing too gentle disposition and indulging obsession of parents nevertheless to acquaint the child with trade, he was forced to hide the true hobby for music. Affairs in little shop went at random until, at last, serious conversation of the father with the son then the last nevertheless had to be released in " took place; free floating .

the Same Tom Hanks, only already as feeble-minded Forest Gump, proved to the whole world that even such family business as the catching of shrimps or military service passing for centuries from father to son can be quite stopped at any stage if someone from a family wishes to descend from the blazed track.

Than family business in the USA is unusual?

Construction business of Donald Trump: Donald Trump is known for

to the world as the construction magnate who forms already more than 20 years appearance of New - York it is similar to the artist - the impressionist. Its strategy of use of own name in names of projects became axiomatic means of marketing. It began to work with

in the company of the father Trump organizeyshn then redeemed from a nu - York administration of the building with the earth on Manhattan. To 1990 - m of. Trump`s business controlled several respectable hotels and condominiums, more than 25 thousand residential buildings in Queens and Brooklyn, several hotel complexes, including a casino in Atlantic - City. Besides, in 1988 Trump became the owner of chelnokovy aero service along a route Boston - New - York - Washington.

Today, despite the last failures in business and 53 - summer age, Donald Trump remains the most famous businessman in America. Trump focuses attention that creation of business is an ability with which the person is born because it is put genetically.

Hotel network Hiltonov:

the Founder and the owner of the company - Conrad Nicholson Hilton - died in 1979, but till last day reserved a post of the chairman of the board of directors. Only the day before 80 - the anniversaries Conrad Hilton dared to leave other post - presidential, having left it to the son Barron. Journalists noted that, along with construction of hotels, Conrad Hilton succeeded also in other construction - the family clan: so far in the world live and eight children and nearly one hundred grandsons and great-grandsons " are engaged in business; Conrad`s daddies .

the celebutante Paris Hilton Flashing on pages of a yellow press is the most famous great-granddaughter of Conrad, successfully profukivayushchy family millions. In 24 years Paris did not find time to leave college or university. She thinks out design of the line of accessories for dogs and sells clothes under the " brand; That`s hot . Her sister - Nicki Hilton - is also engaged in design of accessories. And the inherited hotel business is actively done by their brothers - Barron and Conrad.

in Hilton`s network for the first time appeared all attributes of modern hotel: the conditioner, booking on the Internet, automatic locks in the doorway of numbers. But merging of hotel and a casino became the main innovation. Today Hilton hotels are more than 500 hotels worldwide, with total of numbers - 147 667.

Walt Disney`s Studio :

Brothers Walt and Roy Disney, being 16 - summer young men, ran away from the house of the tyrant - the father, having united the modest monetary resources and having opened shop in garage of own uncle. In 1926 they opened the first studio, having brought closer the dream of creation of animation movies. All work on the movie Walt and Roy carried out long time only together. During the Great Patriotic War the studio released movies for the American soldiers. Later Walt worked on animated films and feature films for children.

B 1965 Walt Disney made the " project; experimental community of tomorrow : it bought up 43 square miles of the unused earth that twice exceeds the size of Manhattan. Here it planned to place new Disney`s World : entertainments, resorts, hotels, motels, industrial complexes and airport of the future. After more than seven years of planning and preparation Disney`s World opened.

B 60 - x years Disney founded the Californian Institute of Arts which changed to the big campus now. Walt conceived it as community of arts . Today the institute occupying more than 60 acres of the earth offers new approach to a vocational education: in addition to music and painting the cinematography, theater, a sculpture and fashion is studied here.

Automobile company Ford :

Henry Ford is a sample and a striking example of traditional American dream which became a reality. In America such people are called the person who made himself .

He left school in 16 years and died 83 - the summer billionaire. Having created the well-known automobile concern, he was the magnificent organizer who doubled minimum wage of workers, shortened their working hours and entered two the sliding days off to accelerate technological process. However all his life, both in career, and in a family, was full of contradictions. And today the new management of the company headed by Ford`s great-grandson - Henry Ford 11 - ym, put a lot of effort to cover up doubtful tracks of activity of the great great-grandfather...

" Magazine; Playboy :

It is paradoxical, but the fact: the most men`s magazine in the world is let out by the woman! In due time two-year-old Christie`s mother reproached the unemployed at that time husband Hugh Hefner that he is a loser, and he in turn promised that he will change a situation cardinally and will present to the daughter the whole empire. To the termination of university Christie received the offer to work in its Playboy corporation from the father.

B 1982 when affairs in the magazine suddenly went wrong way, Christie asked the father to make her the president of Playboy Enterprises. The ideas offered 29 - the summer daughter, were pleasant to Hefner (in particular, then Playboy connected to the cable web and the Internet, and images of a company rabbit began to decorate actively clothes and jewelry). Since 1988 Christie Hefner is the permanent real leader of Playboy Enterprises, surely coping with all difficulties. That to her dad, 82 - summer Hugh still spends time in the huge mansion in an environment of numerous starlets, remaining a live Playboy symbol to this day.

What to esteem if you decided too to be engaged in family business?

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