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Robin Hood. Nice whether he is a guy?

From time immemorial we were reached by legends about the noble robber plundering the rich to help the poor. These legends about an impudent udalets Robin Goode were developed subsequently by writers (for example, Walter Scott) and cinematographers (for example, in the Soviet movies The Ballad about the valorous knight Ivanhoe and Arrows Robin of Goode ) . So in our consciousness there was also an image good kind robber. But as far as this image is true?

Not so long ago, namely in March, 1988, the city council of the city of Nottingham published the report on the best-known citizen. It was made for the reason that for many years thousands of inquiries about Robin Goode and his acts came to council. Probably, having been tired to respond to these requests, members of council decided to answer all immediately.

In the report members of city council called into question the validity of a legend of the warm and fuzzy leader of robbers. As a result of studying of the past of Nottingham researchers drew a conclusion that nice guy even did not know about Marian - according to the legend loved Robin of Goode. The monk Tuk, according to nottingemets, in general the unreal identity, and the Kid John, the best friend of Robin, was the grumbling and spiteful person having with the carefree character from folklore nothing in common. Most likely, he was called the Kid for fun as it was high growth. It became clear when in 1784 dug out its grave and found bones of the tall person.

Other researchers also disprove romantic legends about Robin Goode and his friends. The author of the book about Robin Goode professor of the Cambridge university James Holt writes that absolutely there are no proofs that it gave money to the poor, plundering the rich. The legend acquired these fabrications at least years through two hundred and more after his death. And during lifetime it had a reputation for the thorough marauder.

Robin Hood gained popularity as the excellent shooter from onions. Actually, when legends about Robin Goode began to appear, big English onions were used still rather seldom. They began to be mentioned in historical documents as the most popular weapon among robbers from the middle of the XIII century later.

The romantic love story between Robin and Marian is also called by most of researchers into question. Moreover, the English professor of literature of Cardiff university Stephen Knight considers that the defender all offended and the patron of poor people Robin Hood was a homosexual. According to the famous literary critic, having made next noble (or not really noble) an act, nice guy preferred to have a rest in the company of some tipsy youth, and his beauty Marian not especially also interested.

Studying ballads of the 14th century, Knight found a set of confirmations of the hypothesis. Professor notes: Of course, in them there is no direct instruction on nonconventional sexual orientation of Robin Hood, however the description of some erotic moments does not leave doubts in its original addictions . Possible reliability of the theory of Knight was confirmed also by professor of history of the Cambridge university Barry Dobson: In the 12th century treated homosexuality quietly, but a century later the church began to condemn similar manifestation of feelings, and gays preferred not to advertize the orientation .

As for others heroes of Sherwood Forest the same James Holt writes about the monk Tuk that that was the organizer of a gang of robbers in two hundred miles from Sherwood Forest, and in hundred years after Robin of Goode.

With the maiden Marian too not all is clear. One historians, speaking about the maiden Marian, believe that it was the beauty sponsored by artful prince John. Also it met with Robin Goode only when was ambushed, arranged with his colleagues. It should be noted that first Marian was not so morally steady . Got reputation of the pure maiden Marian already much later under the influence of chaste Victorian morals.

As you can see, in a legend about nice guy Robin Goode and, respectively, and in many books and movies about noble robber little is true.]