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How to become the businessman? I will dare to assume

In our century of general enterprise that this question concerns many. Really, the business gives carte blanche depending on business qualities of the businessman. At good investments, not only material, but also intellectual, the business can bring both financial independence, and independence moral. There are several councils which will help to be defined with the choice between hired labor and free floating of the businessman.

Decide! to become the businessman, it is necessary for them... to become (forgive for a pun). Really if long to think, the businessman never you will become. The businessman to become very just (legally) now. It is necessary to go and be registered in appropriate authorities and to receive long-awaited crust . If to solve everything thoroughly, to think of taxes, of prospects of development of your enterprise, of the starting capital, of a loan which needs to be taken as the starting capital, about pledge which is necessary for receiving a loan... you will never become a businessman! be not fond of

business - planning! on business we find council In all solid textbooks: Count everything to trifles! Make solid business - the plan for 200 pages, and everything will be good . However if in real life you follow this advice, you already in the middle business - the plan will see that your future enterprise is unprofitable, will not bring in incomes, will pay off in 10 years, the raw materials should be carried for one thousand kilometers and so on. Already only it will fight off you any hunting to be engaged in business. And to make professional business - the plan not to everyone on forces. Professionals are engaged in it, and this pleasure absolutely costs expensive. In my opinion, in the beginning rather simple business - idea in which the general directions of your business will be reflected. Business - the plan will be required to you only for receiving the credit in bank.

Begin the business without the starting capital! the set of ways to begin business without attraction of financial resources from outside, especially the credit from bank Is. I think, the credit in bank can be taken only in case the enterprise (shop, cafe, shop on tailoring, a hairdressing salon) stands on the own two feet and means are necessary for its expansion. The bank credit bears with itself: monthly payments with percent (in case of non-compliance with terms of payments the penalty fee is inevitably charged), the artful contract which not everyone will understand (especially the beginning businessman) and which has a set of nuances, constant moral freight, at last!

If you organize business on rendering services, begin with small and gradually go to bigger (Rome was not built in a day!) . There are cases when money is made literally from air.

The myth about the competition. When opening any business the beginning businessman thinks: here on my street already 20 shops (cafe, bakeries, hairdressing salons) through the house, what reason to open something else? Open 21 - y shop! These 20 shops somehow exist and are not closed? And why you think that your enterprise will fail?

Be not afraid of mistakes! Fact of common knowledge: Edison, before invented a bulb, made ten thousand mistakes. However it did not stop it. It is known that the one who does nothing does not make mistakes.

Be flexible! in the conditions of the market nothing happens stable. You always have to react adequately to all its changes and to be ready to them. You carry out elementary monitoring of the market, and you will always be aware of its changes and without loss will be able to react to any situation. For example, you should not hold goods at the bigger price up to the end, hoping to pay back costs of it if these goods fell in price. Perhaps will be more reasonable to sell it at lower price and to pay back at least chastraskhod?

Save! do not confuse the pocket and cash desk of firm. Do not spend all earned means at once even if the enterprise belongs only to you. Postpone some means (about 10%) cash. It will allow you to endure without loss a swagger - major circumstances and to keep a former standard of living if there come hard times for your business.

The business bears the mass of advantages: it both freedom of action, and material independence. However he demands both huge responsibility, and the maximum return. Only this way you will be able to achieve success. Begin now, and experience will come to you. As Lao - Zi told, the way from ten thousand steps begins with one small step. So take this step!]