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What in life the most important?

In our life situation in which

we are how many the direction in which

we move " is not so much important;.

Life to live - to pass not the field . All know that life at everyone the. But not about everyone you will tell that he really lives. And while someone endures others, thought-up life in TV series, novels and computer games, his own life passes by. Daily hundreds and thousands of people wait for a miracle, they wait that someone will come and will make their life interesting.

There is such paradox: to live, people need the purposes. But when the purpose appears, quite often become dependent on it, and begin to serve it, losing freedom - break the law for the sake of career. Take away from others to give the best to the relatives... Lie and blackmail to hold the loved one nearby. Betray one to rescue others.

Often fight for peace and truth, violent correction of all around and upholding of good with fists present as high ideals and values. What would not be important the purpose if, aspiring to it, we cross border between the good and evil, then not now, so later, the purpose becomes unnecessary, close people - strangers, everything falls and loses meaning. Any activity has to be directed to that dobra in the world became though a little more, and is evil - less. To aspire to telling, thinking and doing always only kind.

The most important always remains invariable. What gives strength and the desire to live, sets the purposes and unites people, gives rise to ideas and opens new opportunities. It " perpetual motion machine; in each of us - search of knowledge and desire to work, create, improve.

And other party - aspiration not to destroy, not to do harm. For the sake of it there are together families, quarrels stop and bloody wars stop, patients recover and many errors are corrected. Life flows and changes very quickly. But if to keep aspiration to kind, no changes are terrible.

It is possible to endure hundreds and thousands of falling and again to rise to move further. Whatever it happened, the most important will not get to anywhere. It is impossible neither to destroy it, nor to lose - it is only possible to refuse, to forget about it, but then to remember all the same again. And while we remember, emptiness will not be. There will be no insuperable difficulties, the lost hopes and vital crashes. Always will be for what to live.

The Help - an obstacle for the existing or possible evil .