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How to develop the imagination of the child? First of all we will look at

, is able and whether the child likes to dream. For this purpose remember whether he likes to listen and read fairy tales and a fantasy.

Tell the child such story.

Once the little boy went from school (garden) home. Going on the sidewalk, he very attentively looked to himself under legs to be sure that he will not step on one small insect. It was very kind boy. He did not want to do anybody harm. Unexpectedly it stopped. Directly at his legs lay, sparkling under sun beams, absolutely new coin.

Wow! - the boy exclaimed and lifted a coin. - Today happy day - he thought. And the coin really was very beautiful - on one its party the tree, and on another - an exotic bird was represented. It was the magic coin, but the boy, of course, did not know about it. As soon as he lowered a coin in a pocket, felt something strange. It seemed to it that it becomes less and less, and this feeling did not leave it until it became absolutely tiny little man - growth in five centimeters.

Questions to the child:

If you were on the place of this boy what you would think of? What would you make? Felt? What would like? How you think, what was farther?

When answers are received, the fairy tale proceeds:

It is interesting guesses, but the boy began to think, first of all, of how he will arrive home.

As you think how the boy could arrive with the new growth home? What will occur when the boy gets home? What will his parents think? What will his brothers and sisters think? His dog and cat? How the boy will be able to use city transport? How he will be able to prepare lessons, to eat, brush teeth? How affairs in a garden (school) will be?

After the boy became small passed whole day and night. And he decided to become again such as before. Ask the child to assume

how the boy managed to achieve it? Listen to assumptions. Then finish the fairy tale.

the Boy decided to put a magic coin on the sidewalk again, in hope again grow up. He put a coin that party up on which the tree was represented. As soon as the coin concerned the earth, he felt that he began to grow. It became more and more. The coin did not know what growth there have to be boys therefore it grew, grew, grew, there were no 3 yet. 5th meter. It is more than height of a ceiling in its room.
Ask the child to list to

problems which the person of such growth can face. It is as much as possible options.

It is clear, that the boy did not want to be a giant, in the same way as there was no wish to be tiny. He very much wanted to be the ordinary boy of his age. be interrupted by

Again and suggest the child to make the observations concerning how the boy is able to do it.

In our history the boy decided to put a coin on the earth a bird again up. Also began to decrease promptly. As soon as it reached the normal sizes, the boy quickly put a coin on an edge and ceased to decrease. So he became the ordinary boy again.

in conclusion can suggest the child to suggest about with what this history could end.

The more actively the child in the course of work behaved, the more he offered options, the more actively he developed imagination.

Upon termination of game analyse its results, having answered the following questions:

How unusual and original ideas are offered by the child in development of a plot of the story?

As many such ideas are offered the child?

What is the time it was required to span for work with the story?

As far as it liked this game? Before answering this question and to set it to the child, it is necessary to remember at first as far as you were carried away by this game. If the relation of the adult was formal - hardly the child actively will join in game.

whether the child Experienced difficulties and in what in work on a plot?

the Child included in process of creation of the fairy tale:

In detail and accurately formulates the new ideas developing a plot.

Carries on active dialogue with the adult, asks the specifying questions.

Enters new heroes.

the direction of a plot Changes.

Actively uses a mimicry and gestures.

Should not fall apart if the child from the first such fairy tale does not begin to compose the. If the child is not familiar with such work, to him, perhaps, at first it will be difficult. For development of imagination it is not obligatory to carry out every time such developed work, it is possible to play the express - the mode. For example, to think out a question which assumes an unusual current of events: And what would be if the room was entered by an elephant now? or And what would be if all people learned to fly? . Most likely after several such games - warm-ups the child will want to think out such questions. It is healthy because means that the child begins to see ways for development of the imagination.]