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Where Genghis Khan is buried?

on August 25, 1227, in the next campaign, Genghis Khan (a real name Temudzhin), one of the greatest people who considerably influenced mankind history died. His life was so eventful that they would be enough for several lives even for masters of that time. Genghis Khan And already within eight centuries adventurers, treasure-hunters, and, at last, scientists conduct dispute: where great Khan is buried?

There is a legend that Genghis Khan`s colleagues, being afraid of a robbery and defilements of the place of burial, after a funeral started up ten thousand horses who destroyed all traces in the place of burial. Late all witnesses of a funeral were killed. Allegedly in Genghis Khan`s grave together with him on custom infinite treasures were buried.

On other legend great Khan ordered to bury himself at the mountain Burkhan - Haldun. It is natural that eight centuries later place names of certain mountains, districts could significantly, and maybe absolutely change.

There is the third version according to which Genghis Khan was buried in line with the Selenga River bearing the waters across the territory of Mongolia and Buryatia. For this purpose the river was blocked, having built a dam. After burial the dam was destroyed and the river began to flow still to the course, having closed itself a tomb.

On location of a tomb of Genghis Khan, and also several states apply for relationship with it. Among them except Mongols there are Kazakhs, Buryats, Japanese, Chinese. These disputes are absolutely not unreasonable. Appearance of the Mongolian governor according to descriptions of historians was uncharacteristic for Mongols. It was blue-eyed, with light-a fair hair.

Recently great Khan`s grave was found by a set of times. Several times messages on finds of a necropolis in China, in Mongolia were published.

in the Fall of 2001 news agencies transferred the message on Genghis Khan`s grave found Americans. The employee of the Chicago university John Woods and his compatriot in 360 kilometers from the Uhlan - Batora found about 40 graves with remains of 60 people. Judging by richness of an armor, these people belonged to the nobility. Americans made the official statement that the found remains belong to the Mongolian khans, and among them, perhaps, and Genghis Khan`s remains. However it was not succeeded to continue researches because of a ban the Mongolian authorities of further excavation.

A bit later the employee of the museum of Xinjiang Zhang Hueyem made quite bold statement on finding of an original grave of Genghis Khan. The location of a grave according to information is in the north of China, in SUAR. However this information was not confirmed.

In 2004 archeologists mongolsko - the Japanese expedition at excavation in the territory of East Mongolia found the base of the building allegedly of the XIII-XV centuries which could be Genghis Khan`s palace. The statement for finding of the palace of Genghis Khan was made. Subsequently near the palace four holes in which ashes and the remains of bones of animals remained were found. On the basis of finds it was assumed that the building could be not the palace, but Genghis Khan`s mausoleum, and the place of burial has to be somewhere nearby. Nevertheless, after four years this find did not give the answer to a question of location of a grave of great Khan.

However, it can turn out that Genghis Khan`s grave contemporaries as it happened to pyramids of Pharaohs of Egypt could ruin and profane still him. But it is, of course, the most pessimistic hypothesis.

Now searches of a grave of Genghis Khan are one of actual problems of medieval history. Historians consider that the find can be for science also of not so great importance, as for culture. Many Asian people would be preferred that great Khan was their ancestor. However still nobody knows locations of burial of Genghis Khan. To be fair it is necessary to notice that active searches are conducted still, and will perhaps yield the results, and in the near future we will be able to receive the answer to a question: Where there is Genghis Khan`s grave? .]