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What the legendary princess Atekh is famous for?

As prophetic Oleg sbiratsya nowadays to revenge unreasonable Khazars...

All remember this poem of Pushkin, but not everyone knows who such these Khazars? And why not only Slavs, but also many people of that time so wanted to revenge them? What is the princess Atekh who played a leading role in Hazaria polemic, skillfully able to visit dreams of different people and different eras famous for?

For a start it is necessary to understand who such Khazars: this free and very strong tribe in time unknown to history came from the East and lodged between Caspian and the Black Sea. In one old Slavic source it is mentioned the Goat sea, the tribe is possible exactly thanks to it and received such name (Slavs called the Khazar of a kozarama). At the Khazar there was the religion unknown to anybody, but in 8 - 9 century before them sharply there was a question of acceptance another (Christian, Judaic or Islamic) that affected further events and is called in historical literature Hazaria polemic . It is considered that how Khazars betrayed the belief, they and were won by Slavs.

I became interested in the princess after learned that Khazars attached huge significance to dreams. They even had the sect hunters of dreams to which patronized Atekh. Members of this sect could read others dreams, operate people in their dreams, live in them and even to carry by material objects from dreams. Of course, all this is called into question as was long ago and all data on Khazars sometimes have very inconsistent character. However the bait was caught: I with might and main became interested in the princess and began to collect about her data.

According to some information, at the Khazar there was a cult of worship of beauty Atekh though they also claimed that since the birth the princess was not beautiful at all. Every morning she got up and drew to itself the person, sometimes on this procedure at it left several hours, but she could present herself so as if it - the most beautiful creature in this world. Present only how many efforts at it left on maintenance of artificial beauty. However not only beauty supported its cult, all data say that Atekh was very wise woman, she could win polemic of the Jewish theologian and adopted Christianity together with kagany (the governor the Khazar).

Remained only a little for certain her statements and prayers, but any of them does not leave indifferent:

I learned by heart life of the mother and every morning within an hour I play it in front of the mirror as a theatrical role. It proceeds many years day by day. I do it having put on in her dress, with its fan and with its hairdress therefore also I braided hair as if it is a woolen hat. I play its role and before others, even in a bed of the darling. Minutes of passion I just do not exist, it any more not I, but it. I play so well that my passion disappears, and remains only it. In other words, she stole from me all my love touches in advance. But I do not blame her because I know, as she was also precisely robbed by the mother. If somebody asks me now to what there is so much game, I will answer: I try to be born anew, but only so that it turned out better... (the quote from the Hazaria dictionary of Milorad Pavic)

I, really, we all life play roles which to us are given by our parents, we try to be similar to them, on people around, we aspire to some unconscious purposes, and by the end of life we understand that we did not understand ourselves. The princess, oh was right as the rights when she told these words, not without reason call them still a prayer Rejoice, Maria!

Other her prayer is even more interesting (it carries the name Pater Noster ) but completely to understand it and to consider, not one day is required, I thought over words Atekh happy long time and still I continue to think:

On our vessel, my father, team potters about as ants, I washed up it the hair this morning, and they creep on pure masts and drag green sails as though it is sweet leaves of grapes in the ant hill; the helmsman tries to tear out a stern and to shoulder it to himself as production which will eat the whole week; those that is the weakest pull salty ropes and disappear with them in a womb of our floating house. Only you, my father, have no right for such hunger. In this consuming of speed, you, my heart, the only my father, belongs the fastest part. You eat the " wind which is torn apart on pieces; (the quote from the Hazaria dictionary of Milorad Pavic) it is easy to

to understand that the vessel is our planet, and we, having turned into a huge ant hill, took away Earth - the mother on pieces, climbed to it inside, took away and there that it is necessary for us, but to clean up forgot. You would know Atekh what dreams dream present people.

There is a lot of also inconsistent data on the princess, but almost all are reduced to the fact that the princess is still living. She lives in dreams, can return any minute to the last visions or dreams of the people living now or living a century ago. Well-known expression The Difference between two yes can be bigger, than between yes and is not present also belongs to it.]